Military options to stomp out Catholicism

I’m convinced we need to avenge the 76 million who died because of this cult. I want vengeance.
These people are vicious evil monsters. When they are not raping children, they are teaching them they will go to hell, which is phycological torture and leaves deep phycological scars in many.

I genuinely want to hurt Catholics, I refuse to see them as human.

I hate Catholicism too, but this zealous rhetoric you’re spewing is NOT the kind of vindictive slough that @prostasia or its community will support.


I am saddened to hear you say this. I’m no fan of religion in general, but I urge people to remember that all people are human, however wicked or evil you believe them to be.

Perhaps if you consider that only the species ‘human’ are capable of following Catholicism, or any faith. Thus “refusing to see them as human” is absurd in this context.

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Sounds like a Crusade. Ironically.

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