Mirjam Heine TED talk

Have any of you here you ever watched Mirjam Heine’s TEDx talk? She gave this talk on ted 3 years ago and it caused a lot of controversy, the far right uses her speech to this day to base conspiracy theories involving pedophilia, CSA etc. At the time she received death threats and ted took her lecture off the air. Particularly when I watched, I understood that she was aiming to promote a new approach aimed at preventing CSA, which I even think is very similar to Prostasia’s. On the other hand, few people confronted the narrative that the far right portals about this TED propagated; Prostasia has a little post about it on twitter and they’ve already mentioned it briefly in an article titled “FOSTA and the alt-right are censoring speech about child protection”, Elizabeth Letourneau wrote a little text saying she made some mistakes, but what a goal her would be noble, Snopes has a fact checking about it that attests as “true” the news about this ted talk, but contextualizing more what she said and TEDx has a note explaining why Mirjam’s ted talk was taken down. However, the overtly predominant narrative is that the talk was aimed at “defending/normalizing pedophilia.” So, as this TEDx is still well talked about today and I found her approach very interesting and similar to what organizations like Prostasia advocate and I also think it’s importsnt tyo confront these types of narratives, I decided to ask what you think about her Ted. Did you find it good, bad or did you think it was good, but that there are errors? I have already shown this ted to a psychologist I know, she agreed with me that different from what these portals propagated, she in no way defended child sexual abuse, but she thought that the way she talked everything can be “dangerous”. It also catches my attention how Mirjam Heine just disappeared, she apparently has no social network and has nothing, no photos or information about her on the internet, apart from this TED Talk, just a person who seems to have totally disappeared and never has existed. Do any of you have any idea what may have happened to her? I’m leaving here a link to the video in case someone who has never watched it, but remembering that the official has been deleted a long time ago. TED’s original name was “Why our perception of pedophilia has to change.”

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I think when people think “pedophilia” they immediately equate it to CSA, which isn’t true in the slightest.
There exists so much ire towards it and it’s becoming so unnecessary and brutish that it begins to resemble a witch hunt, rather than a desire to help children or prevent sexual abuse.

Banning/censoring things like fiction, going after child sex dolls, etc. All of these things have no scientific basis within them, and we ought to consider whether the censorship and dehumanizing of a minority group is worth it when, when viewing the numbers, such efforts seem to have very little, if any, effect on CSA prevention, especially when pornography availability and sex dolls seem to coincide with LOWER rates of contact offenses.

I’m not going to say that people are wrong for being concerned, but when you falsely equate owning a child sex doll to real-life child exploitation, then we have an issue and it isn’t pedophilia.


Can’t watch entire video right now, but I saw some of it and the comments talking about it… It’s the usual. It’s just disgust from the peope ignoring science.

Here’s a neat counter argument (about 8 minutes in): https://youtu.be/dN5IBiF4l00


Very good video, thanks for sharing it!