Misgendering is child abuse

Gender dysphoria comes about when the gender of the person (their brain) does not match the sex (or sexual characteristics) of their body. It also comes about from how they’re addressed in social contexts.

It is unknown how such a thing comes about, but researchers do have some leads on it. Mutations and / or prenatal androgen levels. Prior to birth and during pregnancy, the brain relies on prenatal levels of androgens to set the proper gender of the brain. For a transwoman, the levels of testosterone are too low. For a transman, they are too high. It is impossible to change someone’s gender after birth. Some drugs may interfere with normal pregnancy and cause this. There may be other factors.

The brain is therefore built for a completely different body. Their own hormones will poison them and cause a perpetual sense of psychological hormone imbalance. Their brain’s internal body map will not match the body and create discomfort. They will become uncomfortable with being addressed as and being treated as something they’re not.

To misgender someone therefore, is to deny their very identity, and to assign something which they’re not. This is fine if it is an accident, but to do it deliberately to a child, especially in some misguided sense of “fixing them” is to abuse them. Transgender youth have significantly higher rates of suicide than average. This is child abuse.

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