Misguided Movements and Stigma Identities

In the map community, some people push for inclusivity. If you’re attracted to someone under 18, you are a map. No matter how weak the attraction. The same for hebephilia. Purely a sadist? Welcome. Purely a romantic? Welcome (this one is okay).

Definitions get stretched, definitions get extended. It becomes hard for someone to even pitch what “map” is because there will always be a heckler who accuses them of not being adequately inclusive. This may be because the identity is already stigmatized and people suffering so no one wants to be that person who has to exclude someone.

I am not entirely sure this is a good thing. For stigma identities, identifying with that identity, can have an infectious impact on your own mental health. Especially if you can avoid it. As confusion has abounded, the proliferation of POCD has increased especially with the “normalizing” pedophilia crowd gaslighting random people into thinking they may be “freaks of nature”.

The slightest question of what may or may not fit is greeted with hostility by an invested vocal minority. And a fiction propagates. The mere act of asking someone if they are really attracted may be taken as offense if posed to the “wrong person”. Or otherwise probing someone for information.

You can even be transage. A person trapped in the wrongly aged body, although I don’t think there is anyone who is purely transage.