Mother regrets socially transitioning 4yo son to a girl: 'Like leaving a cult'

From The Blaze Media.

The interview mentioned in the article. There are no ‘sides’. Have a conversation.

Sounds like a case of confusing a child exploring with an actual identity. Not sure why she’s trying to make it relevant to people who are genuinely trans


In this day and age, being trans or being a parent who has and supports a tran child is like being a “hero of the era”, and who doesn’t want that? Well, except for me, of course. I prefer being the villain. The one who wins… Or at least gets a better ending than the hero.

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Gender and children are becoming far too politicized and it’s genuinely frightening.

I personally know people who were either supportive of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ events at local libraries, or neutral to it, who’ve now adopted radical opinions motivated primarily by ‘groomer’ rhetoric.

These same people were also neutral on the concept of gender affirming care for minors, since LGBT youth undeniably exist, but now they’re bordering on philosophies or ideals that are either in denial over the phenomenon or believe that it should be banned because “if kids can’t consent, then they can’t be trans”, a non sequitur they’ve been deluded into believing is a valid opinion because they don’t understand the concept of gender dysphoria.

The closest thing I’ve seen from people who are against it all is concern over the prospect of harm caused to the child if the gender dysphoria is not severe enough to warrant chemical treatment, which…fine. But that’s not an argument to be made on legal grounds, moreso one to be made with regard to medical practice, and one that actually supports further research and interest in care.

I’ve read up on the accounts of de-transitioners, and most of their takes are valid; gender dysphoria has been observed to remit, but that’s not an excuse to politically align against the prospect as a whole.

There’s so much to be wary of here due to the propensity for harm.

Edit: I’ve also had some people accuse me of being trans, as a means to discredit my positions.
I’m not. I identify as what I was born as, which is male.
I’m just not privy to the moralist rhetoric surrounding it all.


Being reasonable about trans identities is one thing; raising toddlers to ‘choose their gender’ is something else again. It’s rather like raising kids to choose their nationalities – what are you going to do when one wants to be an Albanian and the other a Bhutanese? Kids benefit from some parental structure: best to raise them moderately in line with what’s reasonably typical and statistically prevalent, and then respond well if they truly find themselves to be incompatible with that starting point.


There’s a pretty big difference between the social construct of gender and someone’s geographical place of origin. Allowing a child to experiment with gender is completely unproblematic - a lot of kids do it naturally. I know I went through a phase or two where I was more interested in “girly” stuff, and my parents allowed me to explore that and determine it wasn’t a long-term thing.


That’s very empathetic of them – good people – but surely you’d have had to make a strong statement before they sent you off to school using a girl’s name.

I think it’s important that people recognize the autonomy of minors in these types of circumstances. I believe Elliot’s parents did the right thing, but I also don’t think it likely went to that extreme.