My First Prostasia Forum Post

Hello. I’m Justin Haga. I just found Prostasia earlier today. It seems very familiar, and that breaks my heart, because I’ve seen all these discussions before years ago, and the same values presented, and I really tried with everything in me to be a positive addition, to provide valuable insight, to be close to people i wanted to look up to, to be included instead of lorded, and that never really happened despite some recognition. It was all a really bad lie, one that i seen through from the start, but i kept going, and lived a duality, thinking i’d enjoy the fallacy all the while finding out everything i needed to confirm my first impressions. And i did. And in the end i got some closure for all that deceit. Call it even, so far. However, Prostasia is it’s own thing, and I’ll treat it as such even if familiar faces are floating around, as they do. See, Prostasia might have an event I can attend one day, and meet the people I might come to look up to. There’s less of a cloak and dagger to this. It’s tangible, commitable, admirable, open, constructive, legal, and there’s no deceit that I can dig up to haunt me. It’s exactly what was behind the veil that I saw before, but it was kept hidden, as if I wasn’t good enough. And I was. I am. Like a little Star…

I just wanted to say that I will not be partaking in the various serious discussions, because it’s the same thing, all of what Ive already said would have to be repeated, and someone would instigate some trial by fire, and I just dont want to again. It’s all already out there, logged forever.

I would just like to post here, in this section, because that would make me happy, and I’ve earned happiness. Meanwhile, everyone else is free to re-invent the wheel in other topic sections. I dont want to be part of that, or share my story, or whatever. Not here. Maybe to a few people in person one day, but it’s not important anymore.

Well, that’s me. Vaguely. That’s how I got here. Im very glad to be here. I hope it stays that way, this time. Thank you for making this possible.