My list of triggers

I’m not very sensitive to a lot of things (I blame the hormone instabilities for this) but I have a few triggers.

Any word to do with “abuse”. This sends me running for little to no reason.

Anything stigmatizing.

Putting pedophilia and disorder in the same word.

Implying you want to take the lolis away from me.

Implying you want to hurt my family.

PTSD Triggers: This would be anything related to conversion therapy. Or wannabe conversion therapy. Or associated things. I consider this a form of abuse. Like most forms of abuse, society tends to apologize for it and ignore it until the signs of abuse in the group become too obvious for them to ignore. Some individuals groom others into thinking this sort of abuse is okay and to “keep it a secret”. Someone who is deeply depressed, ill-informed and likely psychotic cannot consent.


Genuine question. With that list of triggers why do you think this is necessarily a healthy space for you to spend time? Prostasia is a child protection organization, and it is rather hard to discuss abuse prevention without mentioning abuse. Likewise, you can’t deconstruct stigma without mentioning the specifics of the stigma, and discussion of the nature of pedophilic disorder seems rather common here. If these things truly are triggers for you, I would suggest either finding a place for conducive to your prolonged mental health, or learning coping skills to help confront your triggers head on

The word “pedophile” is also a trigger (of sorts) so it isn’t as if I can ignore it.

I ration my time in most contexts where it may take a toll on my mental health. I do believe I can contribute to the discourse in ways others may not be able to and that is worthwhile, despite a possible risk of triggering myself.

If you have resources for dealing with triggers, I would be happy for you to provide them to me. Some of my triggers are far worse than others. But, they equally refer to subjects which appear far more rarely.


Well I only know what helps me deal with my triggers, and since I have no real knowledge of you or your trauma’s and am not a trained psychiatrist I really don’t know what would be an appropriate suggestion to make

I imagine they are connected to “internalised stigma”. A very long time ago, my brain was capable of completely blocking out thought about this subject, even if it was right in-front of me.

The PTSD trigger is a fair bit worse but it seems people are coming around to the ideas of some things being objectively bad. I would like to thank them for sticking up for human rights, even if they don’t think some people deserve it. It is a really, really bad trigger. If you notice, I don’t even refer to it by it’s “popular name”, that triggers me even more. Both are synonymous given the history.

Ironically, support and prevention organisations trigger me far more than Prostasia. This may be because they can never, ever, ever shut their mouths about abuse this and abuse that, when you’re really there for mental support or friends. They’re already pointing fingers at me before I’m even through the door. I’m not dealing with that.

We really care about preventing abuse. So, we’re going to abuse you for a while by all but telling you you’re going to go out and abuse people if you don’t follow our “guidelines”.

Going through one page from one resource from one site for maintaining your mental health, allow me to count the number of times certain keywords come up: Non-offend 2, offend 5, urge 14, harm 2 (in that context), obsess 2, sexual 19. This is the second article in a ten part series of dealing with life as maps, courtesy of the link in @Space’s profile.

Explicitly labelled as abuse. Possessing a naked picture of yourself is self-abuse. It is evil and must be stopped. What sort of person does it take to write this sort of thing? I don’t care if someone is looking at an image of themselves. And I don’t think society should either. If this is something which can get someone arrested, that law really should be amended, you can’t be both the victim and the victimiser. This is a tangent but it shows what sort of site it is.

Problematic terms in organization names: Act 1, Prevention 1, Prevent 1, Abuse 5. Somehow, these are supposed to be considered friendly and completely “neutral” organisations who just want to be buddies. Or they’re clearly for “abusers” and not for anyone else. The patronization is strong here.

The patronizing tone is so strong. It should be no surprise research always involves people with ridiculously high rates of CP usage. If you believe in the placebo effect, and I do to a certain extent, beliefs have a certain degree of power.

Edit: Bad wording. Better conveying meaning.