My stance on Incest

Even the vast majority of sex-positive people may find this wrong but I honestly do not believe that incest between siblings or cousins should be criminalized, I’m not sure if anyone else would agree with me on this matter but I would like to elaborate on why I have this view.

I am a firm believer in sexual freedom and I believe that the entire concept of regulating people’s sexual habits is morally wrong. I myself have 2 siblings which I have never engaged in a incestuous relationship with but I am in support of the concept nonetheless. Criminalization of Incest is usually justified by a series of repetitive arguments which I will address.

Incestuous relationships produce deformed children:
Incestuous relationships, like all relationships, are not guaranteed to lead to pregnancy and modern scientists agree that it takes several generations for inbreeding to lead to serious medical deformities, despite this little to no scientists are in support of legal leniency towards incest because it’s ‘‘icky’’. Deformity can also occur in any birth for a wide variety of reasons and prohibiting incest won’t stop this.

Incestuous relationships can be manipulative and abuse:
Every relationship can be subject to factors of manipulation and abuse, not just Incest. This is not a good reason to criminalize incest alone. I will admit that incestuous relationships between parents and children have a very high chance of involving emotional, physical and psychological abuse which is why, in accordance with my earlier statement, I do believe that for the time being, only sibling and cousin based incest should be legalized. I do believe that incest between parents and children can be consensual but there is no effective way to prove this in a court of law, so until then it should remain criminalized for the safety of children.

It’s not natural:
This age-old argument is bullshit, if it wasn’t ‘‘natural’’ then it wouldn’t happen.

It is harmful to the power dynamic in families
This is true, incest does indeed screw up families with many suggesting that it does so in a ‘‘unhealthy manner’’. Likewise, I believe that sexual relationships should not be prohibited on the basis of their impact on power dynamics, power dynamics should be able to evolve and adapt and if they cannot then it is a poor power dynamic.

Incest cannot be consensual
This is commonly taught in therapy and it is bullshit. All sexual relationships can be both consensual and non-consensual.

Overall I believe in legal leniency in regards to incest, I have the same stance on polygamy and I may make a future post on why I am in the support of that as well.

Although I’ll neither try it myself nor encourage someone to do, I technically found no problem with incest, as long as none is forced/deceived to and no child is produced. Children from incestuous unions have too many problems other than deformity.

I literally just discussed that. Children born from incest will not display any problems inherent to their birth until after several generations of inbreeding which is highly unlikely without peer pressure.

We meet again, Hiccaries.

I don’t think this ever really going to happen, it’s just too squeaky for people, even to me to some extent, although my rational mind prevails in the end. The Westermarck effect might be responsible for some of the vitriol this gets.

30 countries on earth have zero criminalization of incest, this includes Japan and even North Korea. It’s not impossible to do the same in the western world.

the reason it was banned was becouse of the birth defects coused by inbreeding.

Birth Defects do not occur in inbreeding until several continuous generations of doing so.

Several generations or not, it happens. That’s the problem.

Outside of goofy, devil may care storytelling, I do find incest to be icky. I would say don’t do it. But if you REALLY have to do your sister, use a condom, femcap or something. Take safety measures so no child is born. Last thing I want is for a child to be born and suffer for a century, if they even live that long.

True Sex positivity shouldn’t come at the cost of someone’s suffering.

Consenting adults should be allowed to do what they want. Excluding the parent/guardians, that should be off-limits and persecuted due to the strong likelihood of grooming

I really don’t think sex should be an ‘‘adult only’’ privilege. Teens have sex all the time and it will continue to happen regardless of how much legislation you put in place.

You are ignoring everything I said. You need to have SEVERAL GENERATIONS of continuous inbreeding to produce a malformed child. Meaning that you need an inbred child to breed with another inbred person and forward and Incest does not equal immediate suffering.

I’ve already seen documentaries into the lives of incest couples already. One of which had kids being born one after another with disorders and other such problems. I think they had 5 children and almost all of them were taken away by German amber alert except one who had no disabilities. And that was the lucky one.

What you’re probably thinking of is a tumor-esque spawn of satan being born. And yeah, that may take several generations. What I’m thinking of is a child needing “special care”. That’s where it always starts. Living life with disorders like that IS suffering.

Let’s just meet at the middle point of “blood incest with protection/birth control is not worth convicting” and leave it at that. If they want kids, there’s always an adoption agency.

What would the benefits of such an intimate relationship be?

The benefit of all relationships is love, an incestious relationship wouldn’t exist without love would it? Are you truly suggesting that incest shouldn’t be made legal because it has no ‘‘benefit’’ to the state or society?

That isn’t what I was trying to insinuate. I know that familial love is invaluable and definitely an asset of immense proportions, but I was trying to ask you, what are the specific benefits of this kind of relationship, that cannot be replicated or comparatively cultivated in any other kind of relationship?