My story ig on when i got groomed

I’m only 14 and this was about a year ago. It’s still affected me a bunch today. There was an adult male named William, from Valpairso (however tf you spell it) Indiana, and was 27. He sent me shit on Discord, it went on for like 3 weeks or so and I finally got the courage to tell a friend. Btw, the dude was a mod so i was even more intimidated. Anyways, my therapits filed a police report and now im here so i can face my fears :smiley: yay. Also I have a fear of dudes with red beards now lol.


Well hopefully the police are able to do something about William. I’m not particularly good at offering advice but you can just save or screenshot any proof you have against William.

I dont know what place you meant by Valparaiso but if he’s from Chile and not the US district and you don’t live there it will have to be done through international law and I have no idea about that.


Interpol? Or is that for things that are a little more specific?


It says Indiana next to the (…), so guessing the U.S.

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Some how I didn’t read that :frowning:

He sent pictures of his… Stuff. And such. He deleted his messages befpre Discord saw them. Also I still have screenshots to this day on my phone lol.

I’ve been sent a fuck ton of dick pics, I’ve also encountered several who’ve sent me teleio porn
Now I am repulsed by dicks
might even be an OCD trigger

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Same here bud. It sucks so much.

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If you don’t mind me asking, why are you getting so many dick picks?

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I’m a female who is frequent on discord lol

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I bait. Because antis. Because society. Long story, I’ll write a post about it sometime.

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Fair enough dude. Fair enough.

uhhh ok i’ll acept that

Er, Denmark is not The Netherlands. Also…

I wish that were true in the UK!..

This just came to mind:

Though this was less vigilante justice and more the police being useless at their job.