News Media erroneously covering Priotab's work as "Chemical Castration" RANT

I know Dr Christoffer Ramm is working on treatments I think injections to treat paedos to reduce their criminal risk. Their goal is an admirable one: Find treatments to restrain their urges that are tolerable for the patient. The issue I have with how the media covers his work makes it sound like whatever he is currently working on is some kind of cruel inhumane treatment which is definitely NOT THE CASE.

When 7% or so people are victims of child sexual assault, and when AS MUCH AS 50% of the most heinous forms of assault are from “people” with pedophilic disorder, you know there is a problem. We are under no illusions that it’s a fix all to all sex offending. But should it be part of the solution? Yes.

Calling it “Chemical Castration” stigmatizes the work. As it no longer sounds progressive nor does it sound rehabilitative. We want the goal of developing therapies that accomplish in reducing the dangerous urges of a paedo while being toleratable for the patient to be seen as for what it is: therapy. It is not punishment. If we decide to force certain offenders onto the medicines, it must be thought of as help for the patient, not punishment. Society must see it for what it is!

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