Opinion on transage?

I’m curious, since it’s a particularly contentious point in the discourse.


As a trans person and an age regressor, it’s not real and it is super harmful to both communities. It’s extremely dangerous to think you can transition to a younger or older age. Age is set in stone. Gender is not. Age is a mathematical and scientific measurement. Gender is not.


Depends on which definition of age.

Physical age not mental age ofc.

Transage doesn’t mean trans physical age.

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So it’s just age regression basically…? Trans age is a harmful term

It’s permanent age regression. Why is it a harmful term?

Because it can confuse people with transgender people, who are physically changing

And so far, the people i met that claim to be transage, have been MAP/pedos so, no

How though? Also, not all trans people want to transition. Also, not all transage people want to transition. Also, in the future we will have better tech and transage people will be able to physically transition.


I’ve had them argue that even tho mentally they’re underage, they’re physically of age. The same excuse can be, that because someone LOOKS mature for their age, and SAYS they’re whatever, its okay

Because MAPs are more likely to accept marginalized identities within themselves

The only IRL nonconsensual sadists I’ve met are MAPs, but that doesn’t mean we’re the only ones

I’m going to be banned and I don’t care

While I am no expert on gender or biology, I have to disagree with your position that age is set in stone and gender is not. The app on my phone that connects to my scale tells me the although I am 65, I have a metabolic age of 72. :frowning_face:
That doesn’t change my age, but I find stairs more of a chore than they used to be. On the other hand, when I fantasize about sex, I feel like a teen again. Again, I am still 65.

Age regression is a coping mechanism for PTSD, anxiety, depression or other mental heath issues. It is a return to a younger, simpler time when the problems were lessened or gone. Hey, maybe that’s why I think of myself as a teen when fantasizing. :open_mouth: I do have a diagnosis of depression. :weary: Of course, it does indicate a reason for concern.

Gender, with the exception of some intersex people with ambiguous genitalia, is male or female. This encompasses more than just how you feel or whether you have a dick or pussy. Gender dysphoria is a real issue, but its sudden massive upswing, does raise some question as to how well it is being diagnosed. And, even with sex reassignment surgery, the basic biological framework is still what it was at birth. Which is why some women object to transwomen in sports. Despite the changes, underneath is still a male body with certain advantages.

As for transrace, that’s just ridiculous.

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Woooow that’s hella transracist to say

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Transracial (identity) - Wikipedia

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Pure and simple> Children, mentally or physically children, CAN’T CONSENT. if you argue in any way shape or form, that a child. Or someone THAT IDENTIFIES as a child, can consent. You’re the problem

Children can’t consent, but once of age, even developmentally disabled people most certainly can. And just because someone thinks they are a child, doesn’t make them one if the calendar says they aren’t.

Most trans people do they. And… That’s dangerous

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