Pediatricians promoting law breaking?

Doesnt this violate child pornography laws in the us and uk? pretty sure this would violate uk law, probably would violate your laws?

Mink says pediatricians should ask parents to video-tape the episodes before performing invasive and often expensive tests that could be unnecessary.

He also has some reassuring words for parents:

Masturbation “doesn’t portend any sexual deviancy later in life,” Mink said. “It’s such a common and normal behavior that it’s nothing to worry about. It’s not appropriate to punish children for it. They associate it with comfort, like thumb-sucking.”

Intentionally videotaping might count as “taking” child pornography. In US their production laws are a bit different but even if it doesnt could still count as attempt reciept/possession or actual reciept possession.

maybe lawyers in your countries can chime in