Pedo site? pedophilia will never be accepted

pedo site to normalize pedophilia?
disgusting cult. u have a mental illness. its very simple as that
children cant have sex with adults its always predatory and abusive and u know how much harm it has done to children sickness nothing you can do will convice me this is ok it;s not ok it’s wrong it harms kids cannot accept this its wrong

why cant u all understand this sickness

It sounds like you are new to this topic, because there are a lot of misconceptions here. First, nobody is trying to “normalize” or condone children having sex with adults. It is already firmly accepted that this is wrong, and you don’t need to belabor that point. Pedophilia is one of the risk factors for child sexual abuse, but having that condition doesn’t mean that you support abuse. If you care about children, you should be supporting the researchers and clinicians who work with stigmatized populations to help reduce their risk of offending. Calling help-seeking individuals by stigmatizing names is not helping, and it’s also against the rules of this board.

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