“Pigtails in Paint” may be dead

For those who don’t know, Pigtails in Paint is an excellent art history blog that has been covering depictions of little girls in artwork for over a decade. Despite being serious and academic, they have been targeted incessantly due to blind pedo-hysteria. Mostly recently, the site went offline yet again after their ISP was flooded with frivolous complaints.

The site just came back online in a very abridged and censored format. The site owner also made a very pessimistic post. Although he seems to want to preserve the content they’ve compiled over 11 years, he explains that it will be a very slow process. He also makes it clear that he’s largely lost his interest in this topic, and that he has no one to take over for him once he’s gone.

I desperately hope that the site goes back to being fully online, and that it can be protected from future harassment. If anyone has any idea on how to help, please share!

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