Pigtailsinpaint.org has been suppressed

I have nothing to do with the site, but I think its disappearance is worth noting.

here’s the final post:

[Final Message to Readers … for now]

Posted on [May 7, 2021] by [Ron]

(Last Updated On May 7, 2021)

I have been informed by our host that in order to continue conducting business, they must remove Pigtails in Paint for their client list. The same goes for Agapeta . We will be removed in the next few days. We apologize but running such a challenging site has its pitfalls. Please note that you can continue to reach me at [email protected].

As before, we will probably reestablish a Pigtails Facebook page with any news and updates. We will naturally be needing a new host and I am told that we will have full backup information so we can relocate the site. We will most likely have to give up the site address pigtailsinpaint.org as well since it is unknown how and when we can get the site up and running again and, to be honest, it is not a priority for me at this time.

My apologies but we did have a good run and have already made a major contribution on the subject of the Cult of the Girl Child. -Ron, Editor-in-Chief

PS – Rest assured that since we have not done anything illegal, no legal actions are being taken against any Pigtails staff members.

I’ve never heard of this website, what was it about?

Girls in art.

Advertising (53) African American (9) Alice (Lewis Carroll) (29) Allegory (183) Baby Doll Art (9) Big-Eyed Waifs (8) Bigotry and Hysteria (18) Book Cover (14) Censorship (30) Childhood (34) Childhood / Youth Romance (8) Child Prodigy (8) Children’s Book (46) Christmas (15) Darkness and Gloom (98) Doll (20) Elf / Fairy (19) Eroticism (49) Fairy Tale (23) Fantasy (136) Fashion (15) Feminism (43) Genre Art (11) Girl and Animal (131) Girl and Violence (75) Humor and Satire (82) Magazine Cover (10) Music Album (77) Mythology (21) Naturism (9) Nude (508) Objet d’Art (22) Parent and Child (48) Poetry (13) Portrait (447) Postcard (51) Promotional Art (18) Propaganda (11) Racism (11) Red Riding Hood (9) Religion and Mysticism (61) Sci-Fi (21) Seasonal Art (34) Socio-Political Art (62) Tomboy (33)

This is a fiction site, correct?

No, it’s a collection of public domain graphic and fine art, plus informed critical analysis. Nothing illegal, and not specifically focused on minor attraction, although that subject does come up from time to time.

I think it’s interesting because it’s an example of legal and ethical material being suppressed because it might interest paedophiles.

Also, it seems the suppression has been ad hoc and informal, exercised by a network provider, not by any legal infraction.

hmm. probably copyright issues, then.

It’s possible, but they did remove images every so often, if requested by copyright holders, so I don’t think it was the issue. More likely complaints from other clients of the provider, as stated:

I have been informed by our host that in order to continue conducting business, they must remove Pigtails in Paint for their client list.