Prepare for Getting raided

We already had journalists check Prostasia who gave a statement that Twitter and people like you are just spreading fake news. You’re lucky that educated people still exist in this world.

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Your age means nothing.

Are you one of those “age is just a number” people?

You a sad little sack of silk filth

Why silk?

Already happened lol. Andy ngo and cohort stirred up shit about a weak ago so unless you can get more followers than him i dont think much is gonna change.

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I wouldn’t be so sure of that <3

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So you support child abuse? That is what this leads to and statistics already show this trend.

Just as an example:
South Korea - 51 million people - 42 thousand child abuse cases
Germany - 82 million people - 16 thousand child abuse cases

Germany has the best pedophile therapy system in the entire world. Pedophiles from other countries come here just to get help, because it’s all discrete.


“As a father, seeing pedos say being attracted to children is healthy and normal, yea no”

Awww is that why your so offended. Hmmm cant be, no one with your looks or personality good get a partner.

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“Your insult is shit” Responds by correcting grammar.

I’ll admit that my insult was kinda shit but compared to “your dumb cuase you cant spell” it was a fucking masterpiece. Admit it man you lost this one.


What’s best for your kids isn’t always going to be easy or intuitive, sometimes it’ll mean confronting and even accepting things you don’t like. We have to do difficult things sometimes for the people we care about.

We’ll keep confronting the difficult and sometimes unpleasant realities of this world to do what’s best for kids, you’re welcome to join us if you also care about kids, but if not then we’ll keep going anyway, we’re not going away and we’re not stopping.

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That’s not very lady like ms huntress

Wow man stop stealing, once again your insults are even worse.

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Did someone call you a pedophile for liking loli? You seemed very insecure about it here on the forums. Why are you being so aggressive?


Honestly what is your plan here

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Oh, is the usual Q anon back?


Ever been to NNIA? Youjo? Freak U? Pretty MAP-friendly, I’d think.

You never been to a MAP instance before, huh?

ok exclusionist lmfao :heart: