Prion disease will kill us all, Consider your priorities!

100% fatal, exponential, it’s inevitable some mass terrorist is going to weaponize it and kill everyone. Every 10 years, the IQ required to develop a universal biological WMD drops by 4.64 points. So a larger number of evil predators can use it to kill humans. Prions use physics that we do not yet understand. It appears pathological prions violate our current understanding of physics. What type of infectious biological agent can survive temperatures of up to 3560 F and STILL BE INFECTIOUS??? It’s fucking over.

1/2000 brits are SILENT CARRIERS of mad cow disease and they pass this onto their children.

The great filter is upon us. Why don’t we see aliens? Because they wipe themselves out with prion disease. With such little time. Why are we dedicating so much time to pointless bullshit? Why are we spending the tiny amount of time we have trying to normalize pedophiles by calling them “MAPS”? Why are we spending this tiny amount of time to defend drawn child porn? Humanity has another 30-40 years to live before prion disease kills all of us. I am 22 years old and I expect to be dead before I turn 60. Once I get infected with prion disease it will be a horrifying death but I plan to commit suicide if I ever get infected and I know I will get infected before eventually a bio terrorist will release a weaponized form of this disease and will kill everyone. I know this will happen. Because prions are too dangerous and unfortunately they exist. Cancer, all aging related ailments and aging itself are indeed theoretically curable. Same is true for all infectious diseases.

The exception is prions. Capable of surviving temperatures that exist in low mass red dwarf stars, literal stars, but cans till remain infectious. Violates known laws of physics. 100% lethal. All the bio terrorist psychopathy has to do is make it extremely contagious and we all die. Elon Musk and his fans who live on Mars won’t be safe either because the earth and mars do exchange biological matter through collisions with asteroids and comets. They too will die. There is no escape.

With such little time, do not waste your limited lifespan defending “lolicon”, is this what you want your last 35 years of life to be about? Why not spend that time building lasting monuments that will outlive humanity a millionfold? Maybe sometime in the future, maybe some alien of the future, an alian will transcend prion diseases and will visit Earth.

My question is what do you want this magnificent creature to think of our race?

A bunch of pedophiles that love drawn child porn? Or a species built on tradition, values, aesthetics, and monuments. Do not waste a moment on bullshit. No one here will live for more than 40 years into the future. I am spending my time building monuments of my own. Everyone should.

Prostasia and it’s followers should focus less on trying to legalize fictional child porn and more on evidence based solutions to prevent childhood abuse. I want as many people to enjoy the last 30-40 years of humanity as possible. LETS MAKE THE LAST 30-40 YEARS OF HUMANITY THE BEST YEARS THAT HAS EVER EXISTED

It seems likely you may already be infected.

Humanity confuses me, I’ll never understand this bizarre obsession with leaving something behind, for a future that will likely never happen in which humanity is wiped out. I’d much rather focus my efforts on making life better for the people alive now and those who will follow in the future rather than leaving some monument.

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Destigmatization =/= normalization. People know pedophilia isn’t “normal” and that’s perfectly okay, so long as everybody’s rights are properly recognized. MAP is just another term for them.
Banning fiction of any kind is a direct contravention of that, since banning loli does nothing to prevent harm to children and actually makes things worse for pedophilic individuals who so dare choose to indulge in their desires without harming, or contributing to the systemic harm and exploitation of real children while also reinforcing the stigma which causes so much unneeded stress and actually contributes to further abuse.

As opposed to the dozens of pornographic wood-block drawings, sketches, and paintings from Japanese history which are identical in both form and function to loli hentai, which went so far as to include depictions of bestiality?
What about all the erotic paintings and writings from the Renaissance, which depict all manner of sexual activities involving adults, teenagers, and children alike?
You DO know that pornography is a form of art, correct?
Your shallow attempt to mischaracterize or devalue pedophilic erotic artwork leaves us disappointed.


You do realize legalizing victimless outlets for such urges has been proposed (and should be studied) as a way to help potential offenders avoid ruining a child’s life? So, by legalizing and studying such content, Prostasia is doing the thing you’re saying it should be doing.

I want as many people to enjoy the last 30-40 years of humanity as possible.

Naturally this also extends to making creators being happily able to create any type of art they can as long as nobody IRL is being exploited during its production and people having a safe outlet for their emotions.

Everyone wins and is happy in this scenario, you have potential offenders being given a safe outlet and not living in fear of being arrested, lolicons being free to consume their content without fear of being arrested, you have children not being traumatized and you have creators being free to create what they want.


Yes, enjoyment. Enjoyment is indulging in one’s passions and cravings. Do not deny the Beast, but instead, feed it when you choose to.

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So to clarify why I think this is likely to happen, please read this article. It pretty much sums up why prions are likely a great filter. Prions as Bioweapons? | Defence IQ

If drawn CP actually prevents people from becoming pedophiles, GREAT! But the evidence even according to prostasia is not conclusive yet.

Based on what I remember, if they were weaponized, we’re screwed. But this might be more useful on a site with far more people that are more focused on this sort of thing.

It might just be me, but it seems you’re using pedophile as a synonym for child molester. Pedophiles may not abuse children because they have a conscience that means things only happen within their minds while non-pedophiles may abuse children because they lack a conscience and are pathetic POS that need to traumatize a child to feel powerful (much like other rapists, it’s not necessarily about sexual attraction, so much as it is about humiliation and power).

And can we please stop calling loli content drawn CP? It makes loli content sound a lot worse than it actually is and gives off a negative vibe, akin to calling shooting games “murder simulators”.

The issue is that there isn’t that much research because people see “drawn images that make me uncomfortable” and don’t want to investigate if it can save real lives or not because their disgust overrides reason. One former offender said the dolls keep them from harming real kids, yet we have countries trying to deprive people like this of their dolls and ignoring the implication they’re putting real kids in the path of harm because it makes them uncomfortable. Loli content may do the same thing for those lolicons who are also pedophiles.

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We already know that it doesn’t increase aggression or “whet the appetites” of potential abusers.
That alone should be enough to warrant broad decriminalization across legal communities, but the preventative factors behind pornography is of great interest to all.


Burden of proof is on the accuser. You have to prove that it is actually harmful and not simply “disgusting”. Frankly, having an aura that repulses one’s enemies is something to be proud of.

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Diseases are not the only thing that threatens life’s existence to that degree. My view on that is: Why to concern with things where the doom is certain and unavoidable? If there is something that will kill all of us and that we simply can’t avoid, the best way to deal with it is to ignore it. After all, doesn’t the premise itself say that it is not possible to avoid this? If this is true then trying to do so is a waste of time. At least ignoring it will guarantee that we’ll enjoy better the time we have.
Also, as far as I know, searching for evidence that porn doesn’t harm children is THE reason for prostasia to exist, and it’s a good reason since that is what some preliminary studies point to. And I don’t know, if by some miracle we survive, having ways to reduce child abuse could be useful, don’t you think? :3

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The internet bring out the strangest of people.


Somebody’s been binging on Plague Inc for too long. Fun game, very addictive, but damned if I’d ever take it seriously.


The internet has been great for allowing the people who used to gabble about town with paranoid placards printed in tiny letters to have an equal footing with the sane. Why have gatekeepers when there are so many amusing tales of conspiracy and doom?

Free speech, baby.