Problems of politicians who don't understand the internet trying to legislate it

With its draft Online Public Safety Bill, the UK government is trying to legislate the impossible – a safe Internet without strong encryption – in the face of clear and consistent technical analysis saying that it cannot be done [1],[2].

Weakening, bypassing or removing encryption puts everyone, including children, at greater risk : it exposes their communications to third parties, and it deprives children of secure lifelines to help and advice.

Anyone advocating for encryption to be bypassed, removed, or omitted must show that doing so would not create points of access that put children and adults at risk of fraud, exploitation, and physical harm. This is simply not possible: there are no “safe back doors” to encrypted communication, and those calling for them cannot stop them from being discovered and misused.

You can only pick one:

Encryption, and the possibility of a safe internet.


NO Encryption, and a safe internet is a literal impossibility.

This whole “Just give us a backdoor” is a lie. Backdoor “keys” can by stolen, leaked, and what happens when the criminals get their hands on it? Not to mention that a backdoor “key” can be discovered by intelligent hackers.

What is the motivation for you creating another thread before finishing the discussion in any previous ones you have created?

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