"Prostasia are advocating for pedophiles"


I recommend the Prostasia owner to create wikipedia page for Prostasia, so people can see the official information about Prostasia, instead of believing people that are trying to damage the reputation of Prostasia. If you watch carefully, you will realize that the anti-prostasia tweets are a lot.

All people who are against Prostasia, are supporters of ExodusCry and the traffickinghub movement. This is enough for you to understand that they are religiously motivated. If they continue to push false claims, they might harm the reputation of Prostasia.

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People will always do this. Ultimately it only brings more attention to prostasia, those that are capable enough if independent thought will find the facts themselves, those that aren’t would never have been supporters regardless.


Yes, and there really are only a handful of accounts that repeatedly attack us, all of which have a story behind them. The one that you screencapped comes from a survivor group who had a very ugly falling out with a therapist who offered support to MAPs and people with POCD. For some survivors, a way of processing their trauma from CSA is to project it onto others whom they see as aligned with their abuser.

@Michael45 do you spend a lot of time among antis? It seems like you are always just stumbling across groups who are obsessed with Prostasia.


Hello, @terminus
Im not spending a lot of time among antis. These people (antis) are simply everywhere on twitter, so i see them without the need for searching them and their groups. When i check some random comments, i see the anti almost everywhere. They call everyone “pedophile”. The word “pedophile” doesn’t mean anything anymore. They call everyone a pedophile, ignoring the true meaning of the word. So, i think the word lost its meaning.

I doubt these people are trying to help real victims of abuse. They simply support laws such as SESTA-FOSTA, EARN IT, SISEA, Nordic Model, etc, etc… These people never supporrted any evidence-based law that will reduce harm and help people They just support laws that are very restricting, and don’t help people. These people spread hate against everyone who disagree with their opinion.

If a person look like their abuser, it doesn’t mean the person is abuser, too. If you harm someone just because he/she look like your abuser, this is emotional reaction. This is why we should focus on vidence-based laws, not on laws based on emotions, fears, and stereotypes. Evidence-based laws are the only laws that can offer harm reduction and help at the same time. Emotions-based laws offer only restrictions, but never help.

But when they say such things about Prstasia, wouldn’t this harm the reutation of Prostasia?

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This violates Wikipedia’s conflict of interest policy.

Isn’t the porpose of wikipedia people to learn the official information about different things? For example, how BMW and Mercedes have their wikipedia pages that show the official information about the corporations?

He still can’t do it himself. And you’re going to need notable sources other than prostasia.org to talk about Prostasia.

What do you mean? It seems you are trying to convince me that the information about Prostasia on the Prostasia’s website, is not credible? In your previous post, you said that Prostasia is doing illegal things. Yet, i have never seen any illegal things done by Prostasia. You said that prostasia hosts pictures of naked people, which is false. Why do yuo do that? Why do you try to discredit prostasia? What is the purpose?

There is a loosely organized group that believes that Prostasia is pro-pedophilia. This is not true, it’s disproven. Prostasia is about making evidence-based laws for protection. Prostasia doesnt support laws based on fears and emotions, and laws that restrict freedom in order to “save” people. Prostasia is focused on evidence-based laws that can help people.

See this page to know what Prostasia realy does: About - Prostasia Foundation

Yes. Wikipedia doesn’t just take what an organization, any organization, says about themselves at their word. There are countless government officials, companies, and so on who want Wikipedia to cast them in a positive light.