Prostasia Discord server

Y’all do know Prostasia has a discord server right? Top right of your screen, if you click the button to the farthest right, you’ll go to the Discord page. Right near the rest of the socials. It’s pretty dead there and needs to come alive so pls join!!!

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I only use IRC, sorry.

What’s that? Never heard of it before

Honestly i’ve never noticed this feature so i’ll have to make and account.

Your hard-working Prostasia staff are hopeless when it comes to Discord, so we’re also looking for some Discord-savvy people to take a bigger role with managing our Discord server and cultivating a community there. Here’s the information on how to volunteer.

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Also, Hi, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood Program Director! I’m the one going through applications! I am a little overwhelmed this week because of the recent attacks on twitter. I will be going through applications and contacting everyone next week!

Thanks for your patience if you have applied!


Internet Relay Chat - Wikipedia

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We just had to shut down the invite code due to a raid by antis. For now you’ll have to request an invite code and be someone we know from this forum or elsewhere.


Bumping this because Prostasia is interested in growing its discord community.

As Prostasia’s (new as of December 2021) Social Media Manager and because Discord is a “social” platform, I volunteered to help out with running the Discord (also I’ve had my Discord account since 2015 so I’ve had plenty of time messing around with discord and discord bots (which will be useful for moderation).

Discord server invite link

Just curious. Would you like to have an invite placed in a discord of doll enthusiasts.

That would be a good way to get banned, discord doesn’t allow lolicon and presumably dolls too so if we were advertising on there servers we would probably get our server shut down by discord.

(laughs in PMs) Also, in the Soul Calibur Discord that I’m a part of, we get plenty of sexual posts about Amy, so ultimately, it’s mods’ discretion.

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Not a fan of SC, but man… I fucking love Amy.

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