Prostasia issue with operation underground?

It looks like a typical org that works with government to save victims. whats the problem with it? Is there evidence they “engage in trafficking themselves”?

Where is the evindence though???

Nowhere, remember you are talking to a person who believes that “it’s guilty until proven innocent”.

He basically comes in here once per a couple of months, first behaving like he is about to kill and torture all pedophiles on this planet, then to calm down and show he actually can speak like a person, always referencing some kind of mysterious group on social media that supposedly shares his opinion and agrees with him.

Sometimes he throws some accusations at prostasia, states a lot of information to later deny them, or downright contradicts himself with the new opinions and informations he expresses, and regardless of how many times he is shown to be incorrect, he simply ignores such instances and goes to create another thread.

He is trying to stir things up, to create conflicts between Prostasia and other organizations, to make people on this forum say things that can be used against them and this organization. Look at the title itself, which implies Prostasia has an issue with this other organization, while it’s only him that suddenly came out with such a thing out of nowhere, without anything that prompted him to make this thread, and with no evidence to support his claim. Remember that most people after seeing screenshots from this forum will not dig deeper into fact-checking what is alleged, especially those who already believe Prostasia to be a “front for pedos” as voldima claimed.

He also might be attracted to minors, especially sentences like these, and some of my prior interactions with this individual on his alternative accounts:

considering how much time he spends to demonize and brutalize those who he deems as pedophiles, appears to me like some kind of projection. He is more concerned about punishing pedophiles, than helping to protect children, that is what holds true with all his threads and comments, and that is simply a reverse of motivation that the people who usually rally against pedophiles have.

He lacks any ideological consistency, going from typically associated with extreme right-leaning ideologues ideas like euthanasia, the death penalty, and authoritarian government that controls what people can and cannot do while using the standard of guilty until proven innocent, to then state things commonly associated with moderate and extreme left-leaning ideologues like the defense of sex workers, the concern about psychological disorders and peoples perception of them and things that people in here generally are in favor of.

It looks like his attempt to weasel in onto people’s good side, to make everyone believe that he either changes his mind or already has some common ground with people in here, who are in most cases slightly more left-leaning. I can’t help but find it as a very manipulative effort to make everyone lower their guard. It also looks like he is trying to pretend that he is a part of this community, despite the majority of people displaying disagreement with most of his stances. You know, so he can make some ridiculous comments, screenshot them, post them onto social media or some discord group, adding “These people from Prostasia really believe such horrible things”. There already have been situations like these in the past.

He avoids disclosing what his motivations on this forum are. He spends copious amounts of his free time, searching for news articles and sites, simply to start another thread, express his disapproval of what has stated in the article or make up something about a site he saw, and that is it. He doesn’t open any discussion, he has no reasonable questions that he genuinely makes to learn more. He makes up his mind and isn’t willing to change it. The only time he agreed with someone’s point was after I told him that he is not willing to change his mind, meaning, he only agreed with someone to disagree with me and prove me wrong about my judgment of his character.

He is incapable of handling defeat, and when met with overwhelming counterargument, that debunks his claim, he begins doubling down, backtracking and making excuses upon excuses, always having something to answer just to never admit being in the wrong. It appears to me that he was one of the QAnon folks, but after the entire conspiracy has been turned upside down, and it turned out that the entire premise (the Trump involvement in it) was a lie, decided to distance himself away from that group, even though he hasn’t changed his mind on the topics that made him join the QAnon to begin with.

And who knows, maybe he is a completely different person, maybe he is just another member of some singular small groups that decided to target Prostasia, maybe there is just some kind of personality disorder that explains why so many people similar to him that visited this site past year display the same pattern of speech and behavior, regurgitating the same opinions and beliefs. I’m just speculating after all, but does it matter in the end? He is not bringing anything productive onto this forum, and it’s best to simply ignore him for the most part, responding to him only if he makes a statement that could be misinterpreted by someone when pulled out of context.