Prostasia should campaign to end Catholicism

It’s time to shut them down. Seize their churches and turn them into other churches or community centers.

76 MILLION PEOPLE between 1433-1903 were murdered in the name of Catholicism. Constant rape in catholic churches is also unique to this religion.

I call upon Prostasia, to start a new campaign of retribution. Many of the people harassing you and your family are catholics. This is your chance to strike while the iron is HOT. Make your enemies suffer. It’s time we recognize catholics as our enemies.

Create an article urging to end Catholicism, and I can promise you I will donate 250 dollars to this organization. We have a common enemy, maybe we can work together to destroy them.

@terminus @Meagan

Hey, what do you think? You are leadership of this non profit.

Dude, be realistic, this is never going to happen.

Prostasia can help call out the crimes of the Catholic Church but the Church can only end naturally.


Nice to meet you, Don Quixote. How is the weather in your little world?

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