Questions to maps

Are you left handed? Are you ambidextrous?

Are you tall or short?

What are your thoughts on eternal youth? Stressing the word youth a lot here.

How often do you think of the elephant in the room?

Do you like lolis / shotas?

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Right handed.

6’, so relatively tall.

Not eternal, I wouldn’t want eternity of anything, but I’ll take being a kid for the rest of my life.

Rarely, I’m not usually in rooms with elephants. As for how much I think about MAP things, somewhat frequently.

UK law forbids me from answering yes.

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Wait… Do maps generally wish they look like children? And is it generally they want a look that is within their primary AOA? That’s kind of a surprise to me.

I know most normal people such as myself generally wish we could remain in our 20s in terms of appearance. Considering the multi billion dollar cosmetic industry appears to be aimed at keeping our looks in the 20s or at least early 30s for as long as possible, I know this desire to be widespread. Normal functioning people also have a primary AOA (age of attraction) within the 20s when it comes to appearances.

Not necessarily. I know a lot of MAPs would say they have some level of age dysphoria though. I actually don’t know whether it’s within their AoA, it is for me but I don’t know with others, I don’t think the traits people find attractive in others always match those they find attractive in themselves.

There have been studies on autopaedophilia in MAPs, but that is of course strictly limited to sexual feelings.

Autopedophilia was common among pedohebephilic participants: 233 (49.1%) reported feeling at least mildly sexually aroused when they have imagined being a child or having a child’s body.

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Well if almost half have those feelings, it would seem quite prevent. One thing I would like to know is do autopedophilic participants have a lower or higher crime rate when compared to non-autopedophilic pedophiles when it comes to criminal offending whether we are talking about contact offending or CSAM non production offenses.

There may be some maps where it rises to the same level of incongruence as in gender dysphoria, but I don’t hear of it much. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind some sort of technology to make people younger, or appear younger. In a way, it would be two birds with one stone, wouldn’t it? It’s a very satisfactory solution imo, if such a thing were possible. Promote diversity in humankind, eliminate the negative impacts of traits, and promote the good.

The absolute percentage of individuals would depend a lot on where the sample was recruited from (I haven’t looked at the study). I don’t think there has been much research done into this, it was only a few years ago when they “discovered it”, even though everyone already knew about it. To be clear, it’s not good to assume everyone with an age related behavior is a map.

I’m not sure autoped and ped are always active at the same time. They might cycle. Ped tends to preempt atuoped, although I don’t know, I haven’t asked around much. It looks like someone who is an autoped is more likely to like lolis than someone who isn’t?