Sex dolls are ok, but fantasies aren't?

Last month I wrote to StopItNow UK to ask them how a pedophile can live any kind of normal life given the issues they have to deal with. They replied with a number of general points, one of which I thought was rather interesting in the context of child sex dolls. They said that they 'recommend that you do not engage in romantic or sexual fantasies about children, both imagined or those you know. This is because thoughts of this kind can serve to reinforce fantasies for some individuals with similar thoughts to your own, particularly if they masturbate to them, which increases the risk that they may act on their fantasies.’

So, as some people believe, it’s ok to use a child sex doll, which is almost the same as a fantasy since you’re fantasising that that doll is a real person (otherwise why would you have the doll in the first place?), but it’s not ok to fantasise in your own head? How can that be?

This is exactly why I don’t think that sex dolls are a good idea, because they, like fantasies, can, if indulged in repeatedly, increase the risk of then doing something to a real child.

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There’s no evidence to support StopItNow’s position on fantasy outlets, so this is one of the areas where we disagree with them. Craig Harper who is on our Advisory Council is a member of the only team that is actually researching the effects of sex dolls. And as to the broader question of whether fantasy outlets lead to offending or prevent it, we are still trying to fund this research, which still doesn’t exist. So StopItNow UK’s statements are based on assumptions (the same assumption that underpin UK law which makes them illegal).

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Well StopItNow is clearly telling people with an attraction to kids who go to them for help that they shouldn’t be fantasising, and they seem to be one of the bigger MAP support centres. So what is a poor MAP like me supposed to do?

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Do what works best for you.

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Correct me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t StopItNow UK & Ireland advice regarding fantasy outlets more geared towards non-maps and non-exclusive maps who are addicted to CSAM? I looked at their site including the fantasy outlets and by gut feelings is the sort of advice they offer would be very useful to CSAM viewers who are NOT exclusive maps or are not maps to begin with. For example, someone with an equal attraction to the underaged as they would be to someone 18-22, or someone who can still be attracted to adults may find stopitnow’s position on fantasy outlets to be acceptable. Someone who isn’t a map, ie someone who is primarily sexually attracted to adults may also hold the same view on outlets.

If StopitNow’s position on fantasy outlets is harmful to a certain type of Map, than they will need to adjust their advice regarding outlets. I support StopitNow in general, getting retards to stop looking at CSAM is clearly an admirable goal. But if an aspect of their advice is not based on sound science, than at aspect of advice will need to change.

Sure, but at what cost?

There’s no harm in fantasizing and masturbating if it helps you. Just don’t do anything illegal.

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Stop It Now! UK just does whatever the police wants them to do. They don’t want people looking at images or cartoons (second one criminalized by the Coroners & Justice Act), so they tell people to not indulge in fantasies which may make them do that.

Their “advice” is whatever is legal, which from a lawyer’s standpoint, is a good idea. If it’s the perspective of stopping someone jumping kids, then it is a terrible idea and one of many reasons why the United Kingdom’s Laws create a sea of perverse incentives to make the problem worse, especially when the org is funded by the government like this one and ultimately acts as their arm.

They could hardly tell someone that breaking the law is okay, could they? It just so happens that branches of the same organization have completely different advice and therapy, depending on where it is based, this is not a coincidence.

If you want Stop it now! UK to change their policy, then you will have to convince the U.K. to repeal that part of the Coroners & Justice Act and change their attitude in general.

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I think no one can control someone else’s thoughts and fantasies.
A person has a right to imagine whatever they want while masturbating or playing with sex toys, and it doesn’t, matter if it is a simple vibrator or something futuristic like this.
Imagination is not a crime unless it is only imagination and doesn’t harm anyone.