Signs of hope for map acceptance, (part 2)

(So I realize the images are hard to read, For now just zoom in the webapge i’ll do better next time.)

So about 3 days ago I used a throwaway account to try to gain some information. ((fix))

I changed my pfp to something suitably edgy for hostile interactions, and set out to reply to comments that state support for those with sociopathy.

The point was to draw a comparison to pedophilia. I relise sociopathy and pedophilia are quite different, but they are both heavely stigmatized and out of the recipients control. I saw a lot of people saying how we should respect and help the “sociopaths” and that most of them were good people. And it made me think would they offer the same acceptance to a pedophile?

I had no idea what to expect, their responses to be. I left 6 comments on 6 different posts on 4 different youtube videos. I only got two responses.

I realize that leaving angry comments may not be the best way to get a response. But what happened happened.

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Aubrey left a good comment about pedophiles being able to control themselves. Unfortunately many humans believe that pedo’s are ticking time bombs.

My follow up was pretty shitty. It was clearly bait, so that’s why I presume he didn’t respond.

[couldn’t fit it all into one screenshot]

Gerold went along with my leading questions and gave pretty good answers. His final response was definitely what I wanted to see. I realize i didn’t click “show full” so here

“What seems dangerous, is oppressing people into the shadows of society, and making them fear their own family, friends, and community, because they’re unjustly seen as ‘not a good person’. I can’t think of a faster way of creating danger, than to make enemies of people, whose identity is invisible, and they have all of the rights, resources, intelligence, and will to survive as anyone else. Pedophiles know they are hated, and I don’t think they will always wait to be discovered first before acting. So ask yourself. What seems more dangerous? A pervert seeking acceptance, or a mass shooter who’s tired of being the world’s enemy for no just reason? Fortunately… Not many files have done this, because they’re apparently still good people, despite not having a place on their own damned planet.”

I think I’ll do some more of this.

I got responses that I consider to be very hopeful. I really think that there are many people in favor of the map acceptance movement that are just too fearful to speak out or rally.


I’m always pleasantly surprised by responses online. While it’s highly dependent on the specific community I always find positive responses, often more than negative ones.


Ill try to talk to gerold and see how familiar he is with the map movements. I may just end transcribing relevant youtube comments.


There are many things you can compare pedophillia to in both terms of, “I have this desire, but I won’t act on it”, and, “I have this object, but I won’t use it to harm someone with it” - and that some subjects will have varying degrees of acceptance, despite having the same exact characteristics.

  1. A gun owner who fantasizes about killing people, but does not desire to act on it.
  2. A pedophile who fantasizes about children, but does not desire to act on it.

Some think #1 is more extreme. Some think #2 is more extreme. Some think both are extreme.

The truth of the matter is neither are extreme, and neither is more or less extreme than the other. There is no act. Therefore, no victim.

To select one or the other is the result of having the defensive mindset that assumes “the worse thing to happen in allowing the benefit of the doubt, WILL eventually happen”

Therefore, the benefit of the doubt is thrown away, so that many previously innocent people can then become demonized and accused for indecency based on their thoughts alone; a sort of pessimistic expression posed under the optimistic idea that we can protect people, by preventing acts, by immediately identifying and ostracizing those who may have thoughts that are subjectively considered impure, before the thoughts can have any chance of becoming actions.

Engaging with this mindset for the purpose of converting is a fruitless goal. However, engaging to hopefully convey enough reason for others in the crowd who are not yet so permanently biased that we should not be so quick to presume that having the freedom to think and fantasize only results in bad things.

And when something bad does happen, it is not because of the fantasy, or any object. It is specifically because that particular individual is and was already mentally unstable.

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(i got my own posts confused, and thought this one got incredible of topic from “trolling” And created another thread but, apparently not)

I didn’t reply to any new comments, and I didn’t think I would continue this but I ended up getting a bunch of delayed responses.


1 Hazal

When I left these comments I intentionally decided to not leave ones on the stereotypical “I have x condition” comment underneath every mental health video. Because it seemed kind of mean and I believed that all responses were going to be incredibly defensive. Apparently though I didn’t read through his comment.

I don’t really know what position he held since he kept talking about action but then said “no they can’t be ‘’ on whether a pedophile can be good. I’m Not sure if he is using the normal definition of pedophile. (aka molester)

I also was unfortunate enough to get 2 likes on my comment that cast hate on maps and psychopathy. I don’t know who left them though since youtube wont give me that information unless you have it linked to the youtube app on a phone.

“For all the comments

Not all people diagnosed with ASPD are bad, evil etc

We are also humans and believe it or not we have it hard when you have to fight your own thoughts and to put yourself in line, we can act normal ,just because we lack empathy, emotions doesn’t mean we are killers

So stop with all the negativity, not all people are the same

“Some mental disorders are in and of themselves Evil. “Not all people diagnosed with ASPD are bad, evil etc” WOULD you replace “ASPD” with pedophlia, no because you know that some disorders are inherently evil.”`

“but believe it or not most of us are like normal human beings

We act normal

I I’m in university studying nursing, I have friends family, yes it’s hard sometime and I have to go to therapy to get helped and relax

What make me angry is when people know that I have aspd they act as if I am a murderer of some kind like an abnormal thing

And aspd people mostly are smart ,so we don’t have the urge to kill or whatsoever

While a pedophile act on his desires and what makes him enjoy or whatever disgusting things

Aspd we lack emotions, empathy yes, but we can think, we know what’s wrong and what’s right …so it’s not fair to judge everyone who suffer of aspd

Read more”

“like yes many people when they want to talk to me about problems in their life’s or loving others( relationships) or when they’re sad about things or lost people ,I don’t understand it , I don’t understand the emotions, people may say I’m reckless, cold or whatever

,but that doesn’t make me a killer or a monster, because I choose to stay in control and live my life as a normal person”

“So are you saying the pedophiles can be good people or if they are wrong for their attraction??”

@reductio absurdum no they can’t be

,but a aspd can

You still don’t understand we are not evil

We just think ,feel, understand things differently we function a bit different than normal people

We normally don’t understand emotions

,but we know what’s wrong and what’s right based on what we know

We are not addicted to killing or we have please in doing bad things

When an aspd choose to do as evil thing

He chose that!

And beside that we can get better with therapy

I was diagnosed with aspd and at first when I was young when I got annoyed I would have bad thoughts ,but I was taught what’s wrong and what’s right ,how to act ,how to treat others or fake emotions to be “normal” or fit in

That doesn’t make me a monster ,evil or whatever u wanna say

You don’t even understand what I have to go through to be like a normal person ,how overwhelming it is sometimes

You’ll never understand, just watch a couple videos and you may understand”

“but we know what’s wrong and what’s right based on what we know” "When an aspd choose to do as evil thing

He chose that!"

So you appear to be saying that people should be judged based on their actions instead of their mental states. So couldn’t I just make that claim about those who are attracted to children, as long as they never commit rapr?


2 same thread

I agree with what she said, but the part about “beating ass” is always cringe. I also disagree that pedophilia is inherently a mental disorder.

“I’d like to give my answer, as someone who isn’t neurotypical.

Nobody is saying that someone with a mental condition is free to commit heinous acts, especially endangering a child. Having a mental disorder just means their brain is wired differently from a neurotypical one, probably from genetics or the environment they grew up in (like trauma). In short, not everyone with a disorder is good or bad. It depends on the individual. Just like anybody else, with or without a mental condition.

Listen, I’d beat someone’s ass for endangering (or thinking about endangering) a child, whether or not they have a disorder. Mental health doesn’t give anyone an excuse to hurt others. It just so happens that not everyone’s brains are wired the same way.”


3 Andrew

So I thought this would be my first comment that would be pro sociopath and anti pedophilia but he then responded, with pro acceptance stuff witch is pretty nice. His medical knowledge seems quite inaccurate. For some reason though he ended up deleting the final comment after some time.

“I’m glad people are finally having a discussion about this that doesn’t devolve to “there evil people who don’t feel anything” Granted they can be very dangerous. Other, if you can get them into therapy, some progress can be made. And it was already mentioned in the video that symptoms lessen over time.”

“Would you say the same about pedo’s??? No because some disorders are evil so don’t give me this discussion about a controversial topic crap, EVIL EVIL EVIL get real some disorders are just like that.”

“So there are often reasons why people do what they do. To just all cap the words EVIL EVIl EVIL is sort of a laziness of understanding something. But I’ll explain why comparing pedophlia to psychopathy is like comparing apples to oranges. Psychopath occurs when someone is born with a deficiency within their limbic system, Specifically there are amygdalas. They are often able to understand cognitively the difference between right and wrong, but have little to no (depending on severity) feeling associated with it. “Not all criminals” Although most of them will abuse others, the smarter ones can successfully integrate into society without resorting to criminality. For them they’re blind when it comes to empathy and fear recognition.”

“A pedohpile is someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children. No more no less, some act on it, some don’t. The more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to withstand impulses. It’s unclear if they are born that way or if it resulted from childhood sexual abuse.”


4 Update on “Gerold”

I so i make a stupid pun about dualism then told what i was doing and he never responded. Honestly if something like this happened to me I probably wouldn’t either.