Stupidity and nonsense, brain disease of social media

Idiots on social media now think finding young adults attractive is pedophilia. I really hate the trivialization of this very serious mental disorder. Stop trivializing, it’s a horrible brain disease. There is nothing abnormal about finding young adults attractive. Being a pedophile, however means you are sick in the head.

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Mind if I ask… Why are you making so many threads per day/every day abd stop responding to them?

Also this thread, assuming it is a brain disease when other posters pointed out the difference between pedophilia and pediphillic disorder by using researched informatipn… Or did you forget about that prior conversation?

Both pedophilia and pedophilic disorders are mental disorders, one is just worse than the others.

I thought the same thing, but science says otherwise. Pediphilia is, according to current research, an orientation (one that can never be acted upon, but still an orientation), while pedophilic disorde is a disorder.

Arguing with data is just your opinion.


Okay but why, i need and actual answer and not just some weird tangent about joe biden sniffing peoples hair.

Yes, I realized that. It really is very annoying/problematic and it tottaly trivializes the term “pedophilia”, as you said! This kind of thing happens especially on twitter…I was even thinking before about posting about this subject here. I would be naming the topic “Twitter pedophilia nonsense” lol

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As I always say, literal witch hunts. My answer? Own it. Be the “witch” or “devil” to strike terror into the hearts of those who deserve it, which, in this case, would be the very accusers themselves. The best way to survive being falsely accused of being a “monster”, especially during a witch hunt “trial” where your “guilt” is a foregone conclusion, is to be one that cannot be caged by those very accusers.

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The only think making me sick is the Twitter people, if I hadn’t met them I doubt I’d count as disordered.


Its pretty crazy that its okay to threaten murder because of a paraphilia but its iconoclastic to draw a lewd loli.

Anyway sometimes it seems hopeless with the world against us. But I think there is hope for the acceptance of maps. I’ve decided I’ll write an in depth assessment of where we can go from here, but that will take a while especially since I’m so easily distracted.