Taking forever to prosecute Cuties Netflix

Been over a year, yet no federal charges.

This is the consequence for electing Joe Biden. It’s so obvious this movie contains scenes that violate the law. Yet nothing happened. WTF is going on? Why are not the feds filing at least civil charges? Considering the enormous eruption of anger over this on twitter. It’s insulting for the feds to ignore this outrage.

Saying that it’s illegal doesn’t make it so. From the Wikipedia article (citations and links omitted here):

Thomas Leatherbury, director of the First Amendment clinic at Southern Methodist University, said the indictment was an “unusual test case”, adding that it’s “troubling” that there is a “criminal charge related to First Amendment activity, particularly expressive activity, like a movie.” The Texas-based defense lawyer Paul Saputo called the indictment "one of “the dumbest and most absurd” in the state, noting its win at Sundance qualifies the film as having serious artistic value. Former federal prosecutor Duncan Levin also stated that the indictment was “more [of] a culture wars attack on a sexualized film than a law enforcement issue.” The National Society of Film Critics also spoke out against the indictment, calling it “utterly baseless” and “absurd”.


Been over a year, yet no federal charges.

Been over a year, yet people are still whining.

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Turkish military also classifies homosexuality as a psychological sexuality disorder.

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Both countries that are well known for protecting the rights and freedoms of their citizens.

The only way the stars of Cuties have been harmed is by the ridiculous response consisting of directly abusive behaviour. It’s been blown so massively out of proportion and piled immense negative pressure on the people involved, including the so called “victims”.


The only reason why Cuties is not considered CSAM is because what depictions are there do not rise to the level of ‘pornographic’ or ‘sexual’.
Whether the act of ‘twerking’ is a sexually suggestive dance and what-have-you, is entirely up to personal opinion, but what is apparent is that the law does not regard it as such.

I don’t agree with the use of real minors for anything that even remotely comes close to skirting that line of sexual or suggestive.
Such things, I feel, are too risky, and would be better off expressed using petite adult actors/actresses.

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I believe the movie was made unethically, but that prosecuting it might cause more harm than good.