The Double Standards of Pedophilia Accusations

This is something that I have taken notice of not so recently.

If a male 18 or older calls a 10-year-old boy ‘‘cute’’. It is very likely that they will be accused of being a pedophile.

If a woman does that… no one bats an eye.

I really don’t think feminism is the cause of this, rather I feel that this is vaguely homophobic as it implies that men cannot view another male as ‘‘cute’’ for any reason.

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It would be beneficial to give the benefit of the doubt, right? It would be troubling if I, for some discernible reason, chose to build a positive relationship with a young child, to understand them exponentially, only to be ostracized. It helps to be very self-conscious, but it can go way too far, unfortunately. It’s a difficult call to make.

It’s a stereotype. If a man shows any interest in children, then he’s a pedophile, It doesn’t always hold and it kind of depends.