The (false) lawsuit against Twitter must fail

INTRODUCTION: Private, totalitarian, anti-human bigoted, far-right, xenophobic, racist, religiously fundamentalist, evangelical NGOs, backed up by mega churches and conservatibe billionaire clans and politics, are now trying to overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America. The goal of these private organizations, is to implement Dark-Ages-Puritan dystopian nightmare.

Around a month ago, NCOSE (that also supports EARN IT, SESTA/FOSTA, SISEA), launched false lawsuits against PornHub and Twitter.

Here are the fake news im talking about:

When this article was published, because NCOSE gave money for the article to be published, so people can be lied, without knowing that NCOSE is behind that article, NCOSE decided to pretend to be “savior”, so they decided to publish similar article on their website. The game here is simple: NCOSE is behind the article, but they pretend they have nothing to do with the article, but the saw the article b chance so they decided to take action.

This is the same strategy that was used against PornHub. From the nothing, someone, anonymous, without name and face, shares anonymous testimonies, and then, suddenly, NCOSE takes actions.

The good thing is that there is no evidence of rape, because the rape didn’t happen. All lawsuits against PornHub and Twitter, are based on false witnesses, and no real evidence, anonymous testimonies writter by the same people who say that the testimonies are weitter by victims, blacked-out images, photoshopped images, lies, texts taken out of context etc… and we can prove that.

The purpose is to pressure social media platform to implement nudity-restricting rules. It already happened with Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr…

NCOSE and Exodus Cry used stories of raped people, and these stories turned out to be false. After the story of Avri Sapir and the superstitious primitive - Rose Kalemba, were debunkd, then Exodus Cry realized that these stories can’t be used to mislead the public, so Exodus Cry decided to create new story. From the nothing, new victim appeared. Now, the victim is called Serena Fleites, and her story is weaponized against PornHub.

They lie that all videos 47 videos (the existence of these videos is not proven) were all on pornhub, and they were all porn, but thats not true. Only some were on pornhub, and only some were of her nude or having sex. And these videos were on 5 different sites.

I can’t understand why are these people trying to discredit PornHub and Twitter. NCOSE and Exodus Cry work together.

The good news is that lawsuits against social media, often fail in the court. I hope that these lawsuits will fail, too. If these lawsuits win, it is very likely for Twitter to implement new rules that will prohibit nudity and art.

The anti-human NGO, NCOSE, is also trying to limit the freedom of children, by deciding what children can see, and what children can’t see: #DirtyDozenList Victory: Celebrating Amazon's New Parental Controls  - National Center on Sexual Exploitation

These organizations are funded by mega churches, scammed people, and superstitious primitives, like Koch Brothers, and fascists like Donald Trump.

I remain optimistic about the SESTA-FOSTA, because i see that there are human rights organizations that are against SESTA-FOSTA, because it harm sex work. The fact there were protestors holding signs against SESTA-FOSTA, is good news.

I hope that at the end, all these organizations will fail, so we wont be sexually repressed. The same conservatibe organizations spread misleading information against pedophilia.

The anti-human, anti-pedophilia, hate-preaching racist, xenophobic, conservative organization, NCOSE, also promotes the idea that sex work is “slavery”. They said that Nevada is trying to “enable slavery”.

Important articles you should read:

These organizations must be stopped. If they are ot stopped, they will do a lot of harm to education and freedom of expression.
These organization simpy use lies and isolated case to make propaganda. NCOSE used one case of rape, to make it to look like rape is mainstream. They take one cae, and start repeating it again, and again, and again, so it can look like a mainstream thing.

This kind of proagnda influenced QAnon and SaveTheChildren. These two movements lead to hate against pedophiles. How can you be destigmatized, if people increase the hate against you?

These organization gained a lot of power during the presidency of Donald Trumo, because he allowed fundings and signed some bills proposed from these organizations. I hope the new administration will prevent the christian nationalism from growing.

Im far-left, and i hope that conservatism will be eradicated in a way to allow us to protect human rights of stigmatized and marginalized people. I want people to be free, and not repressed.

If the lawsuits win, Twitter will implement more restricting rules. If the lawsuits lose, we will win.

Mr. @terminus you, as a lawyer, what can you say? Im not a lawyer, nor i understand the US law, im not even from the US. Would you check the case against Twitter, so you can explain me what are the odds for Twitter to lose the case in the court?

Also, is this court case, or what:

It’s impossible to have good child-protection laws, if all laws are based on harmful ideologies that restrict people. Good laws hav to be based on research, so they can give freedom and protection, instead of restriction and harm.

To answer the direct question you addressed to me (and without endorsing or commenting on anything else), this tweet thread is the best summary I have seen.

Thanks for the link, it helped to me understand the situation in a better way.
I hope NCOSE (formerly knows as anti-porn group Morality in Media) will lose the lawsuit. These people are evil, and want to restrict the sexual freedom of people.

Because of them now PornHub will implement totalitarian “biometric” verification system. If they continue to attack the porn indistry and sex work, this will result in extreme restrictions that will force a lot of people to go underground, which will liead to increased HIV infections, increased violence, human trafficking, etc…

All studies are clear that sex work have to be decriminalized, but these conservative organizations continue to spread misleading information about wat sex work is. They say that sex work, slavery, and human trafficking are the samee thing, which is false.

I really have no idea what is the purpose. Why do they do it? What do they want? I would be happy if someone can give answer to these questions.

It’s one thing if Twitter is too backlogged in reports and don’t answer to one, but if a moderator has reviewed a piece of obvious child pornography, then they should take it down, not uphold it. If the algorithm is indistinguishable from a human moderator, that’s their fault for making it so opaque.

If moderators ee real CP, there is no way to skip it and not remove it. Twitter have very strict policy about CP. Why would moderators don’t listen to the policy, and instead just not removing real CP? Why would they risk their career? Why would the people who own Twitter, keep the illegal videos, and risk prosecution?

If Jeffery Epstein has sex with minors, he will go to prison. Why would Jeffery Epstein do such a thing?

Who knows, but I doubt they are lying as that would be perjury, which is a crime.

Twitter is official company, not Jefferey Epstain. I don’t think Twitter would host CP for money, because they have many more option to earn money, a lot of more money than the money from CP.

Who knows, maybe one of their employees are fond of CP.

Or it’s just a misunderstanding involving the algorithm.

Or the “CP” isn’t as bad as described, and they mistook it for naturism, although it can’t be because plaintiff described a “sex act” in one, unless that specific reported one just so happened to be borderline, and they were referring to something else there.

Or the moderator quickly looked at the start of a video, but not a later part of it.

Or part of the image was cropped.

We can come up with a hundred pieces of speculation as to what happened, but I don’t think we’ll get much closer to the truth. Whatever happened, I am inclined to believe something did happen. If they are lying, Twitter will presumably have their chance to prove that in court. It would help too, if the classmates had more empathy than they clearly had when they tormented their classmate.

Regardless of that, if particularly the person in the image / video is requesting it, Twitter should take it down.

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