Theoretical: Can reporting questionable content be done anonymously?

Without the reporter of said content being conflated, for example, if the reporter happens to also own or collects lolicon and/or dolls, or be affiliated with websites that host images of either, and has come across pictures in various other websites that push certain questionable boundaries toward possible CSAM. Such content, for example, could include images that were generated by AI and artwork that looks like it could be traced from a picture of a real child, things that are almost impossible to accurately discern if there is a real child or not, and certain websites that depict real children as models for selling clothing products.

There is a strong notion to overcome of feeling hypocritical for reporting, and a strong feeling of failure for not reporting, due to fear that reporting could backfire on the reporter and criminalize themselves.

Iā€™m pretty sure in the US the default is anonymous reporting.

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It depends on the country, but many do accept anonymous reports. You can see if your country has a national reporting hotline here

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