Therapist Discussions

Contrary to popular belief, we do talk about therapists and “getting help”. Or rather, a sinister figure who will destroy your life, and call the police.

Mandatory reporting laws are a common concern. Did you know the United Kingdom will report people to the police for looking at fictional content? (B4UAct) It completely hamstrings some people’s ability to go to a therapist. There is little point in posturing about more funding or this or that, if going to the therapist is social suicide.

Therapists who don’t understand are another concern. An idea someone had was to only go to therapists “recommended” by a friend, but that may still be risky. Therapists can smile and note down everything they can use against someone. One person said two in three therapists would be happy to report someone, simply because they think everyone is “dangerous”.

Once, we thought about how to minimize risk in an idea which was never implemented. We could use a payment method which isn’t tied to our personal identities, give the therapist a false name, and drive to another city. This still runs the risk of face recognition, geofence warrants, and DNA testing.

The latest panic over therapists has involved a certain conversion therapy study Prostasia seemed to be pushing. Someone screamed in horror at the idea of seeing a therapist, because they will try to “cure” them.