There is a big problem in the alt-right narrative of the Loundon County "cover-up"

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First is what I said:

Records and video of the incident, don’t line up with these versions of events.

Police confirmed that a sexual assault was reported in May as Smith alleges, the local ABC News affiliate reports. The alleged perpetrator is reportedly expected to plead guilty later this month to assaulting Smith’s daughter and another student at the different school. They were transferred to the other pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Reporting an alleged crime the day it occurs isn’t what most would describe as a cover up.

It is true that the school hasn’t released details about the incident, but the school says this is because student privacy rules prohibit it from doing so. It also says that school board members didn’t know about the allegation until recently.

A video posted at the time by a Fox affiliate paints a different picture.

The video shows Smith speaking heatedly with a woman in the audience during the meeting. Several officers stand around them. As he appears to grow more agitated, one officer standing to his side puts a hand on Smith’s arm in apparent attempt to get him to back away from the woman. As the officer begins to lead him away, Smith initially seems willing to comply. Then he jerks his arm away and grapples with police for a few seconds before being forced to the floor.

According to Loudoun Now , Smith continued struggling with officers and threatening to kick their teeth out as they took him outside. He was subsequently charged and convicted of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, the outlet adds.

As for labeling the guy a terrorist, that is just false as well.

The problem with this is that there are multiple documents showing that the school board did know, months ago. If they didn’t know, they don’t read their emails, which is also terrible. We also know they are lying about having their hands tied by Title IX, the Sheriff’s Office, or any other excuse they give for why everything has to be super secret. Since Superintendent Ziegler has already apologized for not properly safeguarding kids, none of these defenses matter. The facts are that the school board knew the assault had occurred in a restroom, lied about it, colluded to smear parents (this is only the latest in a long line of malfeasance on the part of school board members, which includes making hit lists for their lackeys to dox concerned parents), decided to avoid starting any disciplinary investigation of their own and instead allowed a teenager with a pending rape case in criminal court around other students when they had multiple options to be transparent and honest about their decisions for the wellbeing of their students. It is unacceptable, and it is part of a painful pattern of the school board ignoring parents completely and stonewalling attempts to get answers from them about every other topic of concern from parents. For that, parents are asking for their resignations. And they will get them.

Here is the thing, they kept it secret yes…but it’s not like they didn’t do anything: Police Logs Contradict Some Of The Daily Wire's Reporting On The Loudoun County Rape Scandal

Likewise this doesn’t justify all the lies told about it: Conservatives Wrongly Portrayed Sexual Assault as a Transgender Issue

They falsely tried to tie it into the larger transgender bathroom issue when it wasn’t. The father clearly had an agenda despite the fact the perpertrator was being prosecuted. There was no reason to bring it up.

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