These guys don't know how to protect children

From here:

Another demonstrator informed me that child involvement in drag is “so cool” and that “there should be more kids doing drag” before saying that the statement “love has no age” is “100 percent true” and letting loose a Freudian slip when he admitted that a child drag queen who performed in a gay night club was paid in the same manner “you do with strippers.”

The video in that link is clearly and malicousky edity to ignore everything else they say.

In case you have the impression that this is an isolated incident, take a look at this mashup of Vice headlines, which in several instances attempt to generate sympathy for pedophiles, obfuscate the definition of pedophilia, and confer legitimacy to “non-offending” pedophiles, including one pseudonymously named Ian whose job “involved children directly” and another called Gary, a man who “developed feelings for a three-year-old girl” but calls himself a “virtuous” pedophile who supposedly doesn’t act on his attraction. Gary was also a foster parent to three children and was subsequently accused of sexually assaulting one of the young girls.

That doesnt appear in the article at all.

Lest you believe that Vice is alone in their attempt to normalize pedophilia, turn your attention to the New York Times article “What’s the Best Way to Protect Sex Workers? Depends on Whom You Ask” which opens with the line “TS Candii first traded sex at age 13.” No, New York Times. That’s called pedophilia, not trading sex.

The article reports glowingly on the pedophilic, serial rape of a child who turned to prostitution after “she was forced out of her family home” before “taking refuge with a group of older transgender women who became her mentors” and “taught her how to support herself through sex.”

Normal people would think this sounds a whole lot like a group of perverts pimping out a homeless child for sex. One has to ponder why euphemisms are being used to try and obscure that reality. Perhaps it is because the left has a pedophilia problem.

If you read the times article it wasnt “glowingly”. For one thing she lied about her age.

Shaquana Blount’s perspective is different. She also entered the sex trade as a teenager, but not by choice. In Brooklyn, she was coerced into selling sex by someone who presented himself as her boyfriend and found herself drawn further into “the life,” working with different pimps over time. When she was 16, a date with a violent client landed her in the hospital; later, working at a strip club, she endured racial abuse from patrons that eroded her self-esteem. “It began to break me down as a person,” she said.


Recently, a number of New York State laws have been implemented to expunge the records of trafficking victims like Ms. Blount, who have been forced or coerced into prostitution.

Its about how the law fails those who need to do sex work to survive.

It’s not abput saying its ok, but to make sure the victims aren’t hurt.

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