They don't really know

A common thread which commonly comes up is that most map don’t really know sex bots, lolis, 3dcg or other things exist. In fact, the only thing they do know of is child pornography, because the media is always going going on about it and how evil it is which has the reverse effect of directing attention to it and making CP Sites grow many times over.

So, how do you raise awareness of such a thing? How do you stop search engines downlisting information on alternatives? How do you get the media to do something positive for once in their lives? I am sure there are likely some people with affinity only for children. But, if you don’t even know about other things, how would you ever know?

As mentioned in Thoughts on Stigma, alternatives and artificial materials may have a weaker tendency to irritate internalized stigma and it would reduce the amount of inadvertent self-harm as someone tries to forcibly break through stigmatic boundaries to go for content the stigma was supposed to stop them from using.

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