To Love-Ru Darkness Manga Volumes Banned in Australia

Ugh, Sankaku Complex…


The cucked and ever increasingly tyrannical nation of Australia has banned more manga in an attempt to control what adults are allowed to consume, as a few volumes of the classic and sexy To Love-Ru Darkness have been “refused classification”, once again part of the country’s endeavor to censor manga and anime.

According to a Twitter user, volumes 2, 4, 13, and 15 of To Love-Ru Darkness were “refused classification“, while volumes 1 and 17 were given the rating of “Category 1”:

Content given the rating of Category 1 contain images of “sexualized nudity” and must be sold in a sealed wrapper, while their covers must not be explicit – they are also not available to those under the age of 18.

The official description for publications that are “refused classification” says such content “falls outside generally-accepted community standards”:

Australia has steadily increased its censorship attempts over the years, as lolita erotica has been condemned countless times, with politicians typically treating the characters as if they were real.

Several sexy manga have been removed from Australian bookstores for being “child pornography”, and politicians have previously attacked certain anime for being erotic or graphic.

The country has been denying the import of erotic adult products, and has also been arresting people for purchasing or importing “childlike” sex dolls, including a silicone butt that was “child-shaped”.


Reminder this is all due to Connie Bonaros lobbying her senator friend to hammer classifications for manga/anime. The somewhat good news is Stirling Griff the senator who pushed it for her is now no longer a senator


Australia continues to function more and more like a dystopia… If I were a Christian, I’d pray for those who are trapped there.


It was always a penal colony.

In that same vein: Summertime Render Manga’s English Release Censors Nudity “It Would Be Child Porn!” – Sankaku Complex UDON-EKO is talking out of his ass, right? Plenty of responses calling out the hypocrisy.

Udon entertainment is 100% Canadian company, but it seems more like hes just fearful of twitterheads complaining and kicking up a fuss.

Looking at his reddit replies, he actually uses the loli nipples are uncensored because she is 100 years old so its fine.

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They deleted the Tweet, though…

A majority of anti-anime sentiment in Australia seems to grow more and more as you move further and further away from the eastern cities and territories. Seems like a lot more politicians and law officials in West Australia and even South Australia to an extent aren’t as keen on animated Japanese culture as their Eastern brethren is.

Might sound like I’m segregating but there is a pattern to be showing itself where we mostly see cases about anime prohibition from West Australia exclusively. Granted we have laws in place dating back to 2004 that technically marks most anime/manga we see today as prohibited content, they don’t enforce that law until one uptight guy in a suit decides that it goes against their “community standards”. This is especially true as I see the sale of the To Love-Ru manga in many local shops which is a stark contrast to “What the politicians think VS the actual Australian anime community”.

Suffice to say I’ll trapped in this land down under gone backwards for a decade or two.

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Oh, Canada. Not even the US. The same country that changed eroge dialogue to make more “consensual scenarios”?

Well, there is the ancient loli, but also the brown 15-year-old. In either case, it should be a moot point legally because it is drawn. Also, to play devil’s advocate, nonsexual nudity also isn’t porn, given that the Pigtails in Paint is still up. Still, there’s a reason why piracy is the best choice. Take what you can; give nothing back.