Totalitarianism is already here

And it has been here for a while.

Earlier in the decade, we learned that the NSA / GCHQ / Intelligence agency of your choice had been spying on people all along. In some countries, politicians even tried to push forward bills, some which failed to authorize such a thing. A thing which they were already doing in secret, and wanted to bring out into the open without tools like Parallel Construction to disguise the true origins of leads.

Humans rights applies. Except, when it does not. In Guantanamo Bay, many people were horrifically tortured. And it was completely legal, because we want to crush those evil and vile terrorists at all costs. In America, if you are convicted of a crime, you can be held indefinately post-release for all manner of relatiively minor sex crimes in a process known as civil commitment. This is done on the assumption you might do something. A something which happens in a percentage in the single digits.

In Florida, you can be added to a list to be constantly harassed by law enforcement for minor and insignificant crimes like failing to trim your lawn, because you appeared in too many police reports as a victim or witness. It is very likely the impacts of such practices can be felt by people who are particularly vulnerable, like those with mental health issues, who would not be able to so diligently mow their lawns, and who would be seen as a target by others in the community due to their overall weakness.

In many places, you can be arrested for a thought crime. You thought of a child (or one in any easily accessible place which can be seen by tens of millions of other people without a care in the world) sexually, you possess an indecent drawing. Or historically in the 20th century, you have controversial political opinions, this may be returning in the modern era. In other places, you might be the slightest bit more lucky. Barely.

If you’re a scientist or a researcher and you push the wrong opinion or research with the “wrong conclusions”, you will be hounded by an angry mob. Media, politicians, nebulous NGOs, mickey mouse rubber-stamping psychiatry associations like APA, and so on. Why? Wrong thoughts. Wrong opinions. Wrong research. Reality distorts around the wishes of the crowd. On the other hand, if you push complete nonsense, quackery, distortions, unethical and inhumane Nazi garbage (so long as it is against an “unpopular” group), this is perfectly fine. But, express an unpopular thought, and you’re out.

Largely arbitrary requirements. At this point, it might be worth stopping pretending we’re doing anythinng productive with registration or parole requirements. They’re puunitive and harsh enough to make it extremely difficult for someone with mental difficulties to get through, and they don’t really do much for public safety. In the case of United States v. Eychanner, they harassed him over something insignificant like looking at lolis, and that set a precedent which spooked many sites from hosting the content entirely. This was completely avoidable and a complete waste of time, but this is how things work in this miserable excuse for a country. This wasn’t useful. This didn’t decrease crime. This was purely punitive and purely for the sake of making someone suffer for the sake of it. At the same time, faux progressives push the idea about “caring about someone’s mental health” when they fail to speak up against this and instead think of the most twisted ways to make someone’s mental health worse, while saying they’re doing the opposite.

The Suprme Court’s rationale to justify registration was that registration is not punishment. If we follow this line of thinking to it’s logical conclusion, humiliating any random person would be “not punishment” and they would be perfectly happy for any treatment they receive. If you can’t see what is wrong with this logic, I don’t know what to say.

Did you know the police could randomly bust down your door, charge in and shoot your dog in the face at any random moment? This is how warrants work in America. Sometimes, they get the wrong house. Oops. I hope you’re not black. Much of the time, the DEA and other similar agencies doesn’t even need warrants to get information fromothers.


Are all you libertarians this fuckin afraid of the “state”? Holly shit dude. And I thought conservatards were delusional. We don’t have “thought crimes”.

"In many places, you can be arrested for a thought crime. You thought of a child (or one in any easily accessible place which can be seen by tens of millions of other people without a care in the world) sexually, you possess an indecent drawing. "

Almost never happens. Why you freaking out?

As you mentioned yourself, someone on this very forum got arrested for possessing an indecent drawing. That is only one case.


That ain’t no thought crime dude… You don’t know what a thought crime is. You can’t own some types of drawings. So? End of the world? I think not. Maybe in your dream libertarian paradise, it would be legal. You can’t have anything dude. We all gotta make compromises.

It’s part of growing up.

How delusional are you to think someone is capable of not having sexual thoughts ever? If that is the only body type someone is capable of feeling any attraction towards, it it silly to say compromise, and you know it. Very well. Don’t even bother answering that.