UN Special Rapporteur Maud de Boer-Buquicchio

Im genuinely interested if people are aware of her and how much pull she has had pressuring countries to bend the knee, shes the reason Japan beefed up their anti-CP laws and nearly banned loli and she was seething about them not going through with it. She’s also behind the the recent UN push to ban loli in 2019 and another instance of it back in 2015 not so many are aware of that one. http://thehypedgeek.com/un-special-envoy-urging-manga-included-child-porn-laws/

Wasn’t it America who threatened to drop their trade deals?

As a reminder, Japan only got to that point, because they were turning a blind eye to distribution of child pornography. According to some articles, some people were opening selling child pornography on streets, of which the authorities bothered doing little about. It is unknown if they mean “CP” or actual CP, but it is a bit rich to blame this all on “possession”

Japan had child pornography laws, but they didn’t bother properly enforcing them. CP for starters is considered obscene (which would therefore make it illegal), but there were also laws against distribution. All it would take are a bunch of undercover cops to catch people on the streets in the act, if it was that easier for a reporter to find, they should have been capable of it.

These new laws appear to have been theater.

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She is no longer in that role. The current Special Rapporteur is Mama Fatima Singhateh from Gambia, who doesn’t have the same connections to ICMEC that Maud did. We are yet to hear much from her, but she doesn’t seem to have the same morality-based agenda and may be more focused on actual threats to real children.