Well I broke up with him

I broke up with my bf since he sexualized me as a little which is a HUGEEEEE no no, pedo or not. If you don’t know what a little is, it’s what you call someone who age regresses. It’s much different from kinks such as DDLB/G, as Age regressing is used as a coping mechanism for trauma. Sexualizing it is fucked up and if you do that, you’re an asshole. Plain and simple.

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Its your choice who you want to be in a relationship with.

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I would ask you to use caution when you talk about how other people experience little space. It is ok to be a non-sexual little or just use age regression as a therapy tool. It is not ok to declare what others can and can’t do while in little space. Please think first before speaking in absolutes. I very much encourage you to set whatever boundaries you need to set. That is both your right and your responsibility in a relationship.