What are therapists obligated to report, if there are no minors at risk?

I need to pursue PTSD counseling for some fucked shit I’ve seen online, but I don’t understand what counselors are obligated to report. What am I safe to tell them about, considering the fact that I am not at risk of harming anyone? Be as detailed as possible!

It most certainly varies from state to state. You need to contact the licensing agency in the state you will be operating in. Usually, suicidality or threatened harm to others.


As someone else said check out reporting laws where you’re located. You could also ask your therapist indirectly about it (ex “if I saw some really disturbing content online, would you need to report me viewing it?”) since it’s not a direct admission I don’t believe they could report you for asking it like that, though I could be wrong. Either way establishing some sort of groundwork like that first seems like a good plan