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It always fucking happens. Whenever a transgender identifying person gets arrested, charged with a crime, or convicted, it’s the same shit: It’s wrong to “mis”gender them despite the horrible crimes they have committed. Being “properly” gendered is such a sacred human right that even the absolute worst that humanity has to offer has that right.

Why does this happen? There are two possible reasons for it.

The first reason is that the people complaining about the “mis”gendering going on is that they have skeletons in the closet themselves. Trannies are already over-represented among murderers and sex offenders, so if the tranny who recently got busted for raping a 5 year old girl can lose his pronoun privilege, so can they.

Too bad those studies are

But the most likely reason is even more mundane, but still plenty insidious.

What does it show when a criminal gets misgendered? It means that being “properly” gendered is not a human right at all. It’s a mere concession, or a form of “politeness” or “etiquette”. Or rather, people are naturally conflict-averse and lack the balls to tell the truth out of fear of triggering a temper tantrum by a willfully confused, overgrown toddler. They will continue to entertain blatant lies in order to avoid arguments. They (mistakingly) believe that the price of telling the truth is much greater than that of feeding the ego of a narcissist with a gender-bending fetish.

But once that person is outed as a disgusting piece of shit, or is arrested, all bets are off. People don’t care about being “polite” to someone who flouted societal boundaries that aren’t meant to EVER be crossed. This is especially true when pedophilia is involved. It’s already exhausting enough to validate the fantasies of gender-confused lunatics. Asking us to entertain the delusions of a child-molester or murderer is asking too damn much, even for normies.

It reveals that deep down, everyone knows the truth. Not even “decent” or “based” trannies are who they say they are. No one is born as the wrong sex/gender, and the only reason why people entertain those lies is because they are fucking cowards who are afraid to do the right thing, even if it pisses some entitled crossdressers off.

And not because it’s a “human right.”

And this:

Damn straight. When these people get angry, you know that it’s usually a good sign.

It’s quite common to compare transgenderism to transpecies, and whenever anyone makes that comparison, it pisses TRAs off. Yes, TRAs are very quick to call it out as an overused joke akin to the “Attack Helicopter” copypasta.

But the reason why it annoys them so much, and why they try to bury it as a “dead meme” is because the analogy fucking works. Centuries from now, it will never get old.

There is not a single coherent argument to be had on why transgenderism is more valid than transspecies. Hell, Lily Wakefield, as quoted above, couldn’t make a single coherent argument on why it’s so bad to chop children’s feet off to fulfill a transspecies fantasy, but not to put children on puberty blockers that will permanently stunt their bone growth, cause heart problems, and stunt the development of their genitals so that when they do inevitably mutilate what’s left, they’ll have to take from other body parts like the intestines to create a necrotic patchwork that will inevitably turn green and fall apart. A mockery of what healthy opposite sex genitals are supposed to be.

Well for one thig, ciswomen get the same surgery to get those genatails as well. Also these arguments about health risks are wrong as is “transpecies

But the best part, the best fucking part, is the fact that this book is listed as the top selling LGBTQ book on Amazon. It sold out, and now they’ll have to print loads more.

Think about it. Really think about it. The fact that this book is apparently outselling any other LGBTQ book speaks volumes.

Well for one thing, the right is known to astroturf those sales. You fall for scams son. Especially since you don’t understand that many children don’t medically transition.

Firstly, surveys of TIY suicidality rely on self-report and do very little to vet respondents when they say they “attempted” suicide. Secondly, studies purporting to show that TIY are at elevated risk of suicide tend to compare suicide rates in TIY with rates in non-TIY—a deeply misleading comparison. This is because TIY, especially among the new clinical cohort of “rapid onset gender dysphoria” (ROGD) teenagers, exhibit extraordinarily high rates of mental health problems (psychological co-morbidities) quite apart from their gender-related distress.

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