What do you think the age of consent should be?

I’ve been following these discussions about age of consent a lot and I’ve seen several opinions about it. I really think that the ideal would be 16, but I’m not sure about it. What do you guys think?

I’m not sure this is a wise line of discussion here, I can see things getting out of hand and stuff people say being taken out of context.


No lower or higher than the current age of majority, which is 18.


Do you think it’s better to delete it then?

I just don’t see this going anywhere constructive. It’s something that everyone is very set in their beliefs on and it’s not something that’s as simple as one right answer, there cant be a single universal AoC. What’s right is extremely dependent on culture and social attitudes in a society.

I can also see someone saying 14, which might be the AoC in their country, and that being taken entirely out of context. Anyone with more radical ideas would definitely not feel comfortable saying so.


I understand, even here in my country the age of consent is 14. I’ll see if I delete it

The danger here is that this can be a tempting jump off point for pro-contacts to argue from. Prostasia’s position and it’s spaces, like this forum, are anti-contact. So it’s iffy subject that can spin out of control. In the US, where Prostasia is based, a legal adult is 18, age of consent varies a little by state but here you are an “adult” at 18.

For my own part, if there’s no stable science on the subject, it’s hard to argue for or against any particular age. I only kinda jokingly think we’re not adults til 25ish.


I only find it kind of problematic when someone argues (seriously) that the age of consent should be increased to 25 … and unfortunately there’s a lot of people who think like that.

Bit I agree that it is really difficult to define scientifically if it would be better it to be 16, 17 or 18 for example, this varies a lot, so much so that in the USA you guys have different states with these three consenting ages…

Personally, I believe the world needs one standardized Age of Consent to prevent problems.

I say 18.

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Hard question. Because everyone is so different, picking an age for one-size-fits-all seems wrong. I wouldn’t ever want to see it go below 14 personally. 16 seems more reasonable. But again… Hard to make a blanket statement over all human beings.

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I’m just going to say this and hopefully end the discussion right here.
The issue with this type of discussion isn’t so much that it enables pro-contact discussion, but simply because there exist different contexts of regarding these “minimum” ages of consent, especially when that is lower than the age of majority, or adulthood. This requires an overall understanding of how these statutory determinations are made, recognized, and enforced.
A lot of people from EU countries may believe that just because their country has a law that states theirs is 15 or 16 that sex with teenagers isn’t a big deal and treat this as an imposition of another culture, but that is barely ever the case.

In the vast majority of instances where a country’s age of consent is lower than their age of majority, there are stipulations that must be followed which, in practice, make it 18 or something higher.

Take the US, for instance, where the federally-recognized age of majority is 18 and all federal laws prohibit adult-minor sexual conduct.
In most states, the age of consent is 16 or 17, but that doesn’t mean a 16-year-old can consent to sexual activity with someone say… in their 30s or even mid‐20s. Even in these cases, the state may only allow a 16-year-old to consent to sex if the age gap is less than 2 or 3 years, usually accompanied by parental approval.
There are federal laws which criminalize the use of interstate travel or foreign commerce to facilitate sexual or illicit communications or conduct between adults and minors, regardless of the respective laws in those states.

Another example would be Japan, where they federally recognize it to be 13, yet just about every prefecture or jurisdiction there sets their own statutes to be more in line with what’s appropriate, usually setting it to an average of 18 for general consent, and violations of these laws are counted and recognized as violations of child sex abuse laws.

Or Germany, where it’s 16, yet just like in most US states, has stipulations attached which ultimately make the age of majority, 18, their governing age of consent.

There are issues I take with these types of laws. In many cases, they only exist to protect dated religious customs where teenagers were encouraged to marry as early as possible, or could be forced to marry whoever their parents desired. This was commonplace in Antebellum America and some communities, to this day, see no issue with a 14-year-old entering into marriage with a young adult, so long as the majority approves of the union. These are (thankfully) excruciatingly rare nowadays, though.
In some theocratic countries, there exists no age of consent because sex outside of their definition of marriage is illegal and deference is made to the state’s recognized religious customs, which may allow children as young as 9 to be forced into marriage with young teenagers or men as old as their fathers and grandfathers.

I believe the age of consent should be consistent with the age of majority, which should both be 18.
I don’t see much issue with “letting kids be kids”, so long as sexual activity between minors consensual and safe sex practices are encouraged and followed, but going beyond that would only put minors at risk of abuse and exploitation, which is why I’m in favor of having age-difference minimums that can help protect young adolescent girls or boys that may be 11 or 12 from being exploited by older teenagers who may be 15 or 16.

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No one can give you a clear answer. But plenty of countries have very low age of consent which is unacceptable. 14 is much too low. There is an acceptable range that makes sense. 14 is below that range.

  1. end of discussion. No pro offending comments like “I ShOuLD Be AbLe To FuCK 17 YeAr OlDs”. NO ONE under the age of 17 has the capability to have consensual sex with adults. I don’t want to read any more excuses that a 17 year old and 22 year old can work fuck off no it won’t.

Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin when he was 22. Perfectly legal at the time. Their marriage lasted 12 years.

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Then read so many that you break. We’re not here to make you feel comfortable.


Exactly! Elvis Presley started dating Priscilla when she was 14. Edgar Allan Poe’s wife was 13. These are cultural icons!

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[insert obligatory Abigail Williams line here]

The current de-facto international age of consent is 18, which is too low if you ask me. 18-year-olds are still teenagers as well 19-year-olds, they lack the mental capacity to understand the complexities of human sexuality.

The Age of Consent should be 20, it should also be the age of legal adulthood, drinking, voting, and enlistment in the military. I am also firmly convinced that anyone under 20 should be barred from using social media by law to promote the safety and mental health of the youth and if I can go a step further, I don’t think anyone should enter the workforce either until they graduate high school.

There is no “de facto international age of consent”. You’re thinking of the age of majority, which is based upon education and the age in which someone can enter into legally binding contracts. AoC concerns sexuality and is therefore a scientific/biological issue as well as a moral/ethical one (the latter varying greatly according to different cultural traditions).

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