What made you critical of the Sex Offender Registry?

What event in your life caused you to think ‘‘you know what? Perhaps the SOR isn’t as good as everyone says it is’’.

For me, doing the research. Finding out that recidivism for people who have committed sexual offenses is about 11% on average for sexual crimes, 30-40% for ANY offense, and that 95% of people who commit sexual offenses have no criminal record. Seeing the pie chart of recidivism for California, which shows a .6% reoffense rate for new sexual offenses. Reading the report from the MN-DOC about residency restrictions and that they do not work. Hearing the numerous horror stories of children being registered for sexting or perfectly normative behavior. Finding out that numerous states require department of corrections run sex offender treatment programs.

But mostly for me, hearing direct experiences from people in my life who are considered “predatory offenders” by the state of Minnesota and knowing them as people who were just struggling in a bad place in life.

It’s an unconstitutional national discrimination list which only managed to make it through because the Supreme Court was fed a lot of flawed information.

The biggest issue with it is that it wasn’t created in the face of proper guidance but as political stunts after some crazed child killer (if I recall, thanks Clinton) went rampant. Those sorts of criminals are rare and only newsworthy because of how rare they are.

In the words of the former Australian PM, Tony Abbott: “We don’t have a national murderers register, we don’t have a national thieves register, we don’t have a national white collar criminals register. I am disinclined to single out particular crimes for particular public registers.”