Which countries criminalize lolicon content?

I wasn’t aware of this law until today, but it should be mentioned that under the CLOUD Act, if you access a lolicon site or any platform in the U.S. that hosts lolicon content, then other countries could order that company to hand over your data (along with other users, depending on what legal protections a country’s system has, the U.K. can order it for huge swathes of people based on a vague suspicion).

This is why you really shouldn’t look at that content in a country where it is criminalized.

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I can give a better list of the legality on loli worldwide

Belgium:Legal Unless it looks realistic
France:Legal unless you produce it
Germany:Legal(Many people also said that there was a Supreme Court sentence stating that art and fiction are excluded from cp laws if someome can find it good)
Japan:Legal of course
Irish Republic:N/A
Italy:Legal(Even though juridical system is broken, by the way police stated that they don’t want to prosecute it)
Netherlands:Legal(They didn’t criminalized it, it was an hoax)
New Zealand:It appears to be in a grey area, the law prohibits every content that promote child abuse so i assume is up to the judge if lolicon promotes child abuse in my opinion it doesn’t
Poland:Grey area, the law is confusing, sources told me it was legal while others stated otherwise
Switzerland:Same as Poland
Sweden:Legal unless it looks realistic
Spain:Legal unless it looks realistic
Portugal:Legal unless it looks realistic
UK:Illegal(Except Scotland)
Scotland:Legal since UK law about lolicon doesn’t apply
United States:Depends in what state you live but usually legal especially in California and Oregon

By the way if you live in Canada or Australia the law isn’t enforced since like 7 years, but i suggest to watch out, Norway never enforced its law against loli even if they legally addressed it and in the UK same as CA and AUS but i’ll watch out even more since its internet surveillance and their infamous thought police cases, and about US well still watch out even if in your state is legal


A proxy or VPN should be enough if you live where it is illegal, keep in mind that sites like Nhentai aren’t blocked in countries where it is illegal so if they didn’t block sites like these i highly doubt they’ll ever make mass prosecution for loli when someone was prosecuted for loli it was for in very specific circonstances

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This is fantastic work. It needs references, though. Do you have them?

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The legal status in Aus, Canada, UK and US is no news about other countries there’s this article

There are many sources for penal codes and police statements in many countries such as Finland,Italy,Spain, Sweden and others, even though it is not completely accurate, for example about Switzerland it is not really accurate, since the Swiss law is not really clear and also there are cases like the one of a Swiss tourist importing loli doujinshi from Japan and getting away even after the police saw the content and this page also spreaded the hoax about Netherlands, but aside that most of the sources are there.

Denmark is known for having a study that proved that lolicon is harmless, study that was done because a Danish politician considered to ban it, reason why loli is legal in Denmark.
For Portugal i have this

“Realistic representation of an under-aged person” is not Lolicon or any Cartoon/Anime-style fictional content in my opinion
I just need sources for Germany especially for that 2013 Supreme Court sentence many people talked about and also i would like to know the legal status in countries like Ireland, Romania and any other country that wasn’t listed(No need to put countries that ban any kind of pornographic content)


Short on time lately. Loli cartoons and loli dolls are illegal in Ireland. It shouldn’t be difficult to find court cases.

Find sources, you are talking about South Ireland, right? Not North Ireland which is in the UK and follows UK law

Fosta does the same thing in the U.S.

I’ve seen people getting put on the register for it.

That seems to be changing.

Thanks for the list, although be careful, things change all the time!

Nononononononono, don’t trust Wikipedia, a lot of the information there is woefully out of date.

I know that wikipedia isn’t completely trustable, i even said so, but most of the information isn’t updated because they didn’t change laws, that article quotes penal codes of many countries and most of these still don’t consider lolicon illegal but again if you have information post it, it can help us and also what countries are blocking sites like Nhentai? Sites like Russia and Arabia did something like this but no surprise from countries like these and also France blocked it for a brief time but then they realized that Distribution and Possession is protected by law and they unblocked it, and about Scotland? I know about that guy in England(he was convicted before for creating super realistic fictional content btw) but never heard of people getting arrested for loli in Scotland or Ireland, if you have sources about more events related to the topic post it

Just move to another country were lolicon isn’t illegal an life a happy life without worrying of been arrested and hide your preference like you were a criminal. :wink:

Russia also prohibits.

Any new updates on this topic? Did it move to another thread? It seems there a plenty of Loli websites globally that show this content including U.S.

Lolicon and other fictional pornography is legal in Taiwan.

Porn with fictional minors is legal in Sweden unless it looks realistic.

I did some quick research (nothing definitive) and it doesn’t seem a ruling has been made on the matter in Romania. So, if you want to look at loli’s is romania and get caught with them, you should be prepared for a long battle in the courts. Best of luck, I hope this helps

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In terms of US by state, I recall a map with colors indicating legality. Is that still around somewhere, or is it outdated?

Wasn’t that a voters map someone troll edited to the point where it’s now widely accepted that’s a legality map?

I don’t know. That’s why I asked.

I live in Brazil . Here all kind of lolicon art is legal as long as it is not based on an existing person. I don’t know if there are other Brazilians here on the forum. If there are, maybe I will make a post dedicated to the interpretation of the Brazilian laws.