Why do people think the brain can't be intersex

Once again I find myself fighting someone who likes to play word games

Intersex conditions come with health problems, sometimes very serious ones. They’re not just a cute, harmless variation, like being left handed.

For the vast majority of intersex infants, surgical intervention is not medically necessary. Rather, intersex surgeries — most of which are done when children are under 2 years old — can create life-long harms. These surgeries can result in scarring, chronic pain, chronic incontinence, loss of sexual sensation, sterilization, inaccurate gender assignment, and trauma.

Intersex people have medical conditions, not mere variations.

All sex characteristics vary to some degree, especially secondary sex characteristics, because their defining attributes aren’t solely due to sex.

The key aspect that makes them intersex (versus just a normal variation in human biology) is that they’re due to congenital medical conditions. A very short man or a very tall woman don’t have an “intersexual height difference”.

Saying brain variations are intersex is nonsensical. At best you can use the word intersex metaphorically there, but I think saying the brain is “asexual” would be a more descriptive metaphor.

He is talking about this study which points out:

This paper attempts to demonstrate that there are significant natural in-born sex differences found between the brains of those called transsexual people and others. It does so by showing the differences are due to normal genetic, hormonal and environmental forces that lead eventually to differences in the transsexual person’s brain. This development brings with it feelings of dysphoria regarding one’s gender identity. It is such feelings that lead to a desire for sex/gender change. These brain differences are sufficient enough to conclude that persons with a transsexual condition are intersexed. Simultaneously it is recognized that many intersexed persons will switch from their assigned gender, yet many will not.

The person I am arguing with says that this guy is apparently using intersex as a metaphor/emphuism which is just special pleading in my eyes

There is one study that claims to find the differences in the brain’s of transsexuals. However this study does not make a very good case for it’s conclusions, and it borders on junk science. No other studies have come to the same conclusions. And, even that study concedes that the differences they claim to have found are minor, not to mention largely subjective - not “significant” as you claimed above. So, to answer your question, the reason why people say that the brain is not intersex in transsexuals is because there is no reliable scientific evidence to support that conclusion - and there is evidence to support the opposite conclusion.

He says not showing the study.