Why Parents Of 15-Year-Old Say They Fear He’s A Pedophile

Isn’t it great when someone’s parents decide to destroy someone’s life by going on television for some quick fame? It doesn’t help this pushes the same tired stereotypes…

It is hard to tell what happened, but it looks as if someone really did not care about giving him any attention at all. Embarassing. Pathetic.


I looked more into who that kid is. I don’t think he’s just a map, he’s a straight up mysoped. He realized what his brain is turning into and luckily reported himself before he is beyond control. This reminds me of a movie trope in which someone infected with a virus that will turn him into a zombie, and right before the virus overwhelms his brain he either commits suicide or volunteers to be civilly committed.

This might be the only case where I have some sympathy for a mysoped. But he must NEVER be released. He is far too dangerous. Releasing him will lead to the rape and death of perhaps 100 victims. This kid is a monster, no doubt. He must be kept civilly committed until a proper cure to this zombie like illness is developed.

I’m not sure if a violent fantasy is symptomatic of a mysoped, a lot of people have violent fantasies, and even engage in things like BDSM.

Mysopedia feels like a bit of a caricature to me (or extremely rare in practice), but criminologists characterise it as someone with a high psychopathy rating, pedosadism, no less than three mental disorders as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (i.e. psychosis)), and they usually have an abnormally low IQ (like in the 70s).

I’d be worried of a media tendency to exaggerate, although the literature has described some SHO of children to be a bit on the younger side. It’s a very rare offense type, and human beings have some psychological barriers which prevent them from committing homicide, which are difficult to overcome.

There have certainly been some reports of individuals struggling with pedosadistic tendencies from some sources, although I don’t have further knowledge into them, and it seems extremely rare. I would agree such a thing shouldn’t be conflated with pedophilia, as if it is pedosadism, it would be a different conceptual thing. If someone watches pedosadist CP (“hurtcore”), they might be diagnosed as a pedophile, but it would miss a lot of important nuance as to their condition, as you don’t really know their deeper motivations as to it.

It would be very diffcult to distinguish a pedophile who just happens to have a violent fantasy, from a pedosadist who purely gets off to the violence or pain itself. You don’t know if someone is just in a negative state in their life with a lot of negative fantasies either, or some sort of paraphilia. If someone were to act, or at risk of doing so, it might be troublesome.

In this case, it doesn’t seem like anyone was really helping him, when they should have. It could be a cry for attention.

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Mysopedia feels like a bit of a caricature to me (or extremely rare in practice), but criminologists characterise it as someone with a high psychopathy rating, pedosadism, no less than three mental disorders as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

Yeah, it’s pretty damn rare. But considering “hurtcore” is even a thing, and police said this evil is growing. This suggests pedosadists may have sizable numbers. Is there a difference between pedosadists and mysopedics? Or are they one of the same. I have an intense hatred for those who abuse children in this way even more so than the average contact offender.

From police reports, “hurtcore” so unbelievably evil and deprived that even the majority pedophile sites have banned it. CSAM is already deeply evil to the core, but there is another layer of evil below that is so far bellow that even regular CSAM sites do not tolerate it.

Fortunately, this crime is very rare, but unfortunately, this also means we have a lack of insight into the minds of mysopeds, other than what criminologists have been able to derive from their analyses. There does appear to be some level of connection, although perhaps a majority would balk at going as far as the mysopeds? Mysopeds seem to be strangely drawn to mutilation, if the case reports are to be generalized.

Some people would probably balk at how I separate people into discrete groups. Different forms of maps, the acquired forms, or idiopathic. Sadists / Philes. And maybe, some people are both. But, I don’t think it is useful to confuse these things as the same, because they’re not. It isn’t “inclusive”, but diluting terms makes them useless, and it does further that misunderstanding that a majority are “like that”.

An adult attracted person might also pursue a child in a limited number of situations. I would not consider them a MAP, unless they met the appropriate criteria for it.

If someone has sadistic tendencies, I obviously hope very much they don’t act on it, and I’m not fond of violent videos either. It’s perhaps unconstitutional to ban general violence, so there is not much which can be done there in all cases. I don’t really care if someone watches fantasy violence, and I’m not sure this is the same group?

Sadists are more likely to inflict lasting damage, if they do act on it, than any other group. This is not to say contact is suddenly okay, but there is a higher severity. As for mysopeds, when I first read some of these case reports, it made me cry.

ICD-11 has a code for something which could be related, but ICD / DSM are rarely comprehensive enough to be useful. Mysopedia, or milder forms which haven’t been looked into, would be an external concept to ICD / DSM. Some people would consider it pedophilia, but I think “she is very hot” is very different from “I want to beat her up”.

A test might be comprised of:

Can someone get aroused without the violence?

How many thoughts are violent? If it’s very predominant, that is interesting. If it’s occasional, less so. What sort of violence? Non-consensual sex (anything can be consensual in your thoughts…)? Spanking? Visible fear? Beating? Or something extreme like mutilation?

Is it more body type or more the scene?

Are the fantasies purely contained to a pornographic scene, or do they follow someone around? In the case of lolicon, there are some like that.

Is it specifically sadism towards children, or sadism to everything?

Are they watching actual violence of actual people?

Are they aware of the consequences of these actions? It should be easier to sell the idea that beating someone up is bad, than touching someone. Clear pain is hard to dismiss.

How long has it been going on for? What led to it?

Do they have a support network?

Sexually Dangerous Person Lists do take sadistic tendencies into account, particularly for civil commitment. I’d be careful about overusing the idea of sadism, because that is the most common caricature of maps. They do it because they like to see someone suffer, rather than finding someone attractive.

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