Your thoughts on a minor MAP coming out story

Hey, this is my first time posting here and, upon discovering this video, I just wanted to know how MAPs and MAP allies generally thought of this video.

I loved the responses from the general public overall because of many reasons;

  1. The ‘Minors can’t be MAPs’ myth is clearly debunked here.
  2. Not all MAPs are lurking in the shadows trying to prey on minors; this kid was brave enough to tell his parents and his parents were brave enough to come out with their story.
  3. MAPs can be just born that way. There was no abuse nor history of MAPs in this person’s family. It was a roll of the dice chance that he became a MAP.
  4. People are finally shutting people down who say all the usual stuff like wanting MAPs dead, locking them up etc., or at least not liked enough.

I know it’s not a lot, and the son’s pedophilic disorder could spell a bad myth about any and all regular MAPs, but I even found it better becuase he had one of the worst disorder but still asked for help. I think it is a step closer for people to understand MAPs better but I wanted the actual MAPs opinions on it. Any and all feedback would be wonderful, just forgive me if I’m ever insensitive to anyone I don’t intend to.

Good way to make money off of your son’s problems while guaranteeing his life will be completely destroyed and he’ll never be able show his face in public again. Can he provide informed consent to have his problems exploited for TV in such a way?

Of course I feel for the parents and the situation they’re in, but I can’t support their decisions in any way.

Edit: Apparently they were desperate and felt they had no options. The blame then falls to the producers and the approach they took towards this and the messed up healthcare system that means this is the only option you have.

There are clearly a lot more serious issues than that he likes little boys, but of course they focus on the paedophile aspect and lump everything else in with that. Doesn’t exactly help the efforts that we’re going to to clarify what paedophilia actually is. The issue is that he has issues with self control etc., something we’ve really pushed is that it’s other factors that determine risk for offending, this undoes a lot of that. If it were a straight man instead of a paedophile they wouldn’t be talking about him being heterosexual.

It’s here that I add a general F*** Dr. Phil and all such shows that exploit vulnerable people.

I don’t think many people, if any, are taking these things away from it and instead just having their “sick evil paedos” beliefs reinforced. I think a lot of people are thinking “I’m glad he got help” or “good for him asking for help” but their underlying feelings about MAPs are still the same, they’re still people who want to rape and abuse children with a problem that needs fixing, they’re seeing that this is what being a paedophile is, this is a typical paedophile.

Overall I really don’t think it helps us at all and is a step in the wrong direction, while simultaneously being exploitative and directly harmful. I had a look on the VirPed thread discussing this and the idea that if he were attracted to adults or same aged peers they wouldn’t be focusing on who he was attracted to seems to be the main point of discussion.


I don’t live in US so I don’t know that Dr. Phill. But he seems like those jerks who looks for (abuse) families with serious mental problems to turn them into entertainment (business) for the common people.


Oh wow, I didn’t see it like that very much! I’m truly sorry to have thought it was as great as I thought it was. Thank you all for telling me this and I’d actually love any of your recommendations on who should be the one to lead the movement you wish. My fav is, of course, Todd, but I’m open to many others.

Don’t worry about it :slightly_smiling_face: I can understand where you were coming from.

The primary goal of most TV is entertainment, and getting viewers. Talking about real issues doesn’t really achieve that, but talking about the sick paedophiles really pulls in the viewers. That’s a problem we’re always going to have with this kind of thing being on TV.

There really shouldn’t be any one person. We’re a diverse group of people.


I find the boy’s attraction to his siblings as not completely unusual. After all, a teenage boy is just bursting with testosterone and will f—, I mean have sex with a knothole in a board if there are no other alternatives. That being said, his statement that he would have forced them is concerning. Kudos to him for asking for help before harming anyone and a large razzberry to his parents for parading his problem on TV. He asked for help, they should have found a way to do this with discretion, not blow it up nationally. Now he is likely to wind up on a sex offenders list.