15-year-old teenage pedophile from Dr. Phil show

So here is an interesting story I recently got reminded of, that I think might be interesting to some.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a clip from Dr. Phill show, about two parents, who discovered that their son is a pedophile.

Apparently, they realized that because he told them, admitting to having all sorts of sadistic sexual fantasies and fantasies about his siblings, and even admitting to sexually exploiting a child. There were also many “red flags” before that happened, that something is wrong.

On the Dr. Phil show, the “expert” instantly said, that the problem their son has is hypersexuality.

“Psychologist Says Early Developmental Trauma May Lead To Hypersexualized Behavior In Adolescents”

So they sent him into a program that was designed to cure him our of his hypersexuality, but that has naturally failed.

The mother of this teenager has a youtube channel, where she documented her situation. Her recent video was made 3 days ago.

I’ve seen a couple of her videos back when I discovered this situation for the first time. This video, however, is the most crucial one:

I’m not qualified to make any diagnosis but based on my knowledge, and the results of QEEG Report she states, it seems that the real issue this teenager has, is psychopathy (or antisocial personality disorder in DSM-5 terms), which she constantly confused with pedophilia and even autism at one point. Quite understandable considering the stressful situation that she has been.

Of course, the new treatments they assigned this kid to, were unsuccessful as well. Not surprising considering the potential of misdiagnosis.

But in one of her recent live streams, she said that her son is during a program, that does have results. In the timespan of a couple of those weeks, she made a lot of improvements in her knowledge about pedophilia and personality disorders. This specific part of the video is interesting (15-18 minute):

“He generally gets thoughts and urges only around people that he’s around regularly and so, um, is it fair to say he is a pedophile? I don’t know, because if he’s not around these people, then he doesn’t have the thoughts, and urges (…) so maybe if we could just keep him around same-age peers and older then you know, he would live a very different life.”

In this part (22:40 - 23:36)

She talks about the chemical castration, that they’ve tried it during the first treatment (I think she refers to the one prescribed by Dr. Phils “expert”), but that it didn’t yield desirable effects. And she claims that physical castration doesn’t prevent someone from not harming you, making a reasonable stance on the propositions of such solution, calling it “careless” and making a case, that it’s illogical to even consider such an option.

I find this story to be a good example, of why it’s important to share information about what pedophilia exactly is and isn’t, to avoid such misconceptions from happening, and to put people through the correct treatment. She seems to be a very lovely person, and perhaps if she was better equipped with the knowledge about the topic early on, that would save her a lot of stress.

So I’m sharing it in case of someone finding it helpful or interesting.


Parents who put their problematic kids on Dr.Phil clearly aren’t interested in helping their child, they just want attention.

Fuck Dr.Phil and fuck the morons who like his show


Kristen sent robbie to mental health facility until he turns 18. Trying to understand a complicated situation from disconnected “vlogs” isn’t the best but I think he may have needed it. He molested two children and has many other risk factors like an antisocial personality and lack of empathy.

I can’t be too sure of anything since kristen isn’t good at conveying information and she has been wrong about a variety of things. Honestly the result wasn’t too surprising, nothing good ever comes from the doctor phil show.


More than a few comments were talking about “putting him down”, and they were generally pretty well received.

An especially appalling comment was this one.

Better “luck” next time? Jesus… People like this are too far gone and our efforts would be wasted on them

Keep in mind they’re all referring to him as if he were still 15.


I think you’re right on with everything you say. She does say that Autism spectrum doesn’t correlate with pedophilia, but I wish she made that clearer. I think she’s brave and a good solid person, and of course her son’s problems are not her fault, but if he’s a pedophile who abused in the past, there’s really nothing that can make him a safe member of society. Therein lies the problem. What to do next?

I just feel like people want to pretend that pedophilia doesn’t exist. I think we need hundreds if not thousands of doctors studying this phenomenon. There are thousands if not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pedophiles out there. Doctors and people in general can’t keep hiding their heads in the sand.

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