3 simple steps that can reduce CSA

Originally published at: 3 simple steps that can reduce CSA - Prostasia Foundation

We tend to look at child sexual abuse (CSA) in terms of something that will happen or has already happened. We should be thinking in terms of prevention. Our first priority regarding CSA is to make it not a foregone conclusion but rather, the result of doing too little to prevent it. There’s a lot…

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As far as the education program goes, one critical factor is missing. That is education about how sexual orientations and paraphilias are formed. Without knowing the biology involved, insofar as it’s understood (e.g., fraternal birth order in gay men), many people will remain unquestioningly susceptible to the advertising/contagion model of sexual diversity, and that in turn will reduce any course mentioning fetishes, for example, to a sinister plot to turn our kids into sickos, as some might put it.

About consent, there’s a paradox here that I don’t have the answer for. If you train kids in detail about how to, let’s say, fly an airplane, even giving them time in the flight simulator, how can you be sure that if they pass an idling Cessna, they won’t hop in and take it for a circle around the airport? It’s all very well to say, “well, you are now educated that you can’t exercise THAT skill until the law says you can, because it’s too dangerous for you,” but the youthful answer is “danger shmanger, I know how to do it, don’t I?” How you can teach the mechanics of consent without making people feel empowered is not obvious. How you gonna keep them down on the farm once they’ve learned to speak Parisian?

Simple, issue each child with the sex doll of their choice. They can choose age (young or mature), body type (bosomy or flat), gender (female, male, trans), hair, eye and skin color, tall, short, thin, muscular, plus sized, etc. to their taste. You can even get pregnant dolls. And we haven’t even gotten to the elves, fairies, furries, vampires, aliens and so forth. Something for everyone. :rofl:

On a more serious note, and I can already hear the howls from parents and little old ladies of all ages and genders, encourage masturbation. I assume the stories of growing hair on your palm and going blind are no longer thrown around, it is safe, disease free and involves no one else.

For some humor: Weeds: A Boy's Most Important How-To Lesson - YouTube

Another problem is that there is no clear definition of what child sexual abuse is. To the right wing puritans even mentioning something like masterbation to a child would be considered “abuse.” This is where so many lines get drawn that it is impossible not to cross one. If sex education like what prostasia proposes was implemented you’d have hoards of angry parents going on fox News to complain.

The question is do you kowtow to these parents or do you let them scream until there voices get tired? Would any concessions be made to reduce the fury? How much do we concede?

It’s easy to convince the academics of these things but the masses are much more immune to reason. It won’t be an easy fight. Expect the opposition to be enormous. Although I’m sure the opposition already has been which is why it is not implemented.