[9/23/2023 UPDATE] KousakaMya Twitter Account suspended

It seems that my Twitter account has been suspended without any form of notice pertaining to why. I’ve not posted or shared anything that would contravene the Twitter Rules, and I’ve gone through the appeals process.


…and anyone else I’ve communicated with on the platform, let it be known that I did nothing wrong.


Everything I’ve posted was always very above-board, and a lot of people looked up to my Tweets for valuable resources and information. Part of me suspects that it was because I tweeted at Elon in response to a post he had made about Starlink and the situation in Ukraine, but I doubt that. I feel as though someone reported me and some mod just happened to take action.

I’ve done so much to try and keep actual CSAM off the platform by reporting it, including creating infographics detailing what to report and how. It’s so disappointing.

What’s funny is that something similar happened on Pawoo not too long ago to a friend of mine, but his account was immediately restored after an appeal was filed. I’m hoping that this will be no different for me.



I’m back, baby



Sounds like it could have been a mass-reporting campaign


Yeah, probably. Or maybe it was a mistake on the part of a random moderator who was just rubber-stamping reports. I was being vocal about AI-generated FSM, too, so maybe my posts were misinterpreted.

I’m just surprised at how quickly they reversed the ban. I was looking up how long response times to suspension/ban appeals can be, and honestly it was quite interesting.


I didn’t even know it was possible for “some random nobody” to get unsuspended. It sure seems like you have to be rich/famous to get that luxury of being unsuspended. :thinking:


I somehow managed to get a MAP activism account unsuspended for a couple days once. I think they’re more likely to if they see evidence of a mass reporting campaign


I’m just happy they lifted the suspension. There’s a lot of valuable information on my profile that a lot of people find helpful. I get messages from people basically thanking me for what I say, and that the reassurance I give helps their mental health.


What kind of black magic is this? :scream_cat:
I probably had over a dozen social media accounts banned over the years, always made an appeal, never got unbanned even once :frowning:


It appears that my account was suspended again, but this time, Twitter might not be willing to lift the suspension.

Twitter reserves the right to suspend without notice (as do all social media sites), so this is disappointing, considering how earlier in the thread, my account appeal was accepted.


I just want to reiterate that I’ve not posted ANYTHING which would contravene/violate their site rules, and have been instrumental in helping other users get accounts that DO violate their rules (and applicable laws) suspended from the platform.

There is a lot of valuable information on my profile, like links to studies, argumentative posts, educational/informative infographics, etc. which, I like to imagine, have been helpful in keeping the public educated and informed on matters relevant to CSE prevention and freedom of expression, as well as the effects of this type of content.

I guess this goes to @terminus and @Gilian, who both communicated with me on Twitter at several points.


I’m going to keep trying to appeal. There is literally nothing on my account that would violate the site’s rules, and I’ve not posted anything that was an issue before.

There was one image which may have made them deny the initial appeal (though, that could just be on the part of a single Appeals moderator).

But it was a comparison infographic depiction of a Japanese adult film actress/model and a drawing of a loli character that is widely believed to be based on her appearance and proportions. I took the liberty of censoring the image, for the sake of keeping it in-line with moderation practices, but still.


I meant to export an archive of all my content, just in case this happened. I really don’t care what happens to my presence there, I just want the studies, arguments, etc. which I would get direct messages from people attesting to their positive, embracing value.


Apparently, i made one of the folks who liked to attack you angry. Not sure what got said. The account shows as gone.

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There is almost nothing of value on Twitter. Elon’s new internal moderation policies and practices, and how broad the phrase “normalizing pedophilia” has become, their renewed interest in removing 2D/3DCG loli/shota images, it’s all so tiresome.

I just want things to go back to 2015-2016, before Trump got elected and before all of this paranoia overrode common sense.


FWIW, I have been pointing out that Brandenburg v. Ohio renders the stepping stone nonsense legally prohibited. I’m surprised that decision hasn’t been cited until recently. Nevertheless, some appear to be unhappy about it.

The opinion emphasises imminence.


Speaking of Elon, I made a post about him reinstating a CSAM account some time ago:


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Here’s something for amusement.