A non-carceral approach to child sexual abuse material

Originally published at: A non-carceral approach to CSAM - Prostasia Foundation

“Knowing there are videos and pictures of my abuse and of me sharing nude images as a minor is embarrassing, to say the least. I constantly feel stupid that I did it. I think it was definitely a mistake and I have added a lot to child sexual abuse material (CSAM) being spread. And I…

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Context matters in this situation just like every other. There’s a lot of varying circumstances around which someone may be in possession of CSAM the most relevant of which being the circumstances surrounding its creation.

For instance, On one extreme you have those who legitimately commission for the production of CSAM. Thereby tangibly and materially causing further acts of child sexual abuse. I must say that I every strongly lean towards a carceral approach for such individuals.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have teen couples that exchange nudes with one another. Or simply teens that have sexual nudes of themselves:man_facepalming: (there was a rather famous case of a teen being charged as an adult for nude photos of himself) I could not be more opposed to incarceration or really any punitive measures for that matter in these context’s.

Not forgetting (grand)parents who have innocent bathtub photos.